Week 3 of the Bodice Challenge

As far as my measurements go, things are about the same...I've lost about 5 inches overall...
Altho' I think it's shifting around and I feel like there is a bit less flab and a bit more muscle underneath.
My jeans looked pretty damn good yesterday...I know cuz Harry couldn't stop commenting on them :)

I am having a problem with my right foot tho....I think my ren shoes and my daily sandals and the jogging have aggravated a vein and muscle on the top of my foot along with my big toe....I am hoping that the joint pain deep around my big toe and the vein on top of my foot subside soon. Am soaking it in a massage foot bath right now with Epsom salts. Have changed shoes and wearing some different sandals to help with the pain. I am hoping it's just an overworked foot or shoe laced too tight...and not gout.

Also, as long as I am confiding (or dumping...as it were) here....
I am getting a bit discouraged.
I know it took a long time to put on this weight...and it takes time to take it off...but I am feeling so pudgy.... ..and while Harry loves it...I wish I were looking better to myself naked.
(I guess that's the one downside of getting my eyes fixed, eh? Yah. I can SEE. ... "ACK!")

And I feel really over indulgent and self involved to keep posting all this shite daily.

I mean, who fucking really cares??

At my lowest weight, I was 119. I don't really want to see that number again.
I just don't have the fucking energy to put into that kind of masochistic vigor.

How'ere, I would love to be back at 140.

GOOD GOD but that seems like a long ways away.....

Now there's nothing wrong with being a heavier person.
I just wish I was TALLER.
A LOT TALLER to carry this weight off.

Personally, I am not enjoying this "getting old thing". Not a bit. All was well, until I hit about 50 and then it's like I'm starting to fall apart...first my eyesight...(which thankfully is fixed now :)
but now I can't take off the weight easily like I used to...
and I creek around like an old lady when I get up out of a chair sometimes....
and sometimes my knees hurt when climbing stairs. UGH.

Hey! I like rolling on the floor with my doggy Joe!
And I DO.

I want to climb stairs and hills without panting.

What can I say? I want to look as young as my immature attitude!
And to make matters worse....all I want to do today is frigging EAT.
Fucking A.

1) Exercise: Cleaned house and sweated my arse off, laundry, dishes, putting away garb,cleaned sinks, counters, made beds...you know...housework on a humid morning. Then went to work and did errands.
I may try to stretch some tonight...but I just don't have the heart.

2) Food:
Breakfast: Whole grain cereal/fresh fruit and almond milk (which WAS delicious.)
Mid morning snack: I ate about 3 tbls of the leftover chicken salad and finished it off. It was helpless there and calling me.
Lunch: Denny's. Grilled Tilapia, broccoli and coleslaw. (good choices as I traded up the "cheese potatoes" and garlic bread for the "better for me" veggies and slaw)
Snack: Nature Valley Granola thin (chocolate craving for stress relief) and fruit
Dinner:Baked skinless chicken thighs (2) with Lemon Garlicious sauce, salad and carrots.

I went over my calories today. I figure I went over by about 200. Still....no bread....no cheese....and in the past, I could do WAY more damage than 1700 calories by a long shot!

3) Creativity: Cleaned house and put away stuff from trip. Made a GD list of things to DO to get shite done.

4) BP: 102/73   Whoopdeedo! :) At least that's a good point..
If it weren't for good sex and wine.....I think my BP would be a lot higher :)

Hey, I just want to be healthy, sexy as all get out, gorgeous beyond belief, be well read, talented, have fun on stage, have a substantial disposable income, be in love with and loved by handsome men, adored by beautiful women, loved by animals and travel internationally.

I mean, really...is this too much to ask??   :)

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LynnieBee said...

I'm with you, Lovey, in every sense of the word. That's how I felt at the end of last week, frustrated, wanting more noticeable results faster. But you ARE doing it. You're losing weight and inches and getting stronger and taking an active role in your health, and that's fecking impressive :) I can't really speak to the disposable income and the international travel, but you definitely are all the other things on your list :) Hang in there, we're beating the pants off this thing :)