Vampires, Garlic and Permission just to BE....

Had an adventure this day....

Went and found my friend Kristin's new place in Fair Haven. It's wonderful! Two lovely cottages on Blind Sodus Bay...and it was her birthday too! I helped her celebrate with her great kids and sweet parents and she made a great lunch of grilled chicken, salt potatoes and tomato salad in her new home for us all.
I did imbibe in 2 delicious Marguaritas with her by the lake too. (Can't have her drinking alone on her birthday, now can we? ;)

Got a nice relaxing visit in with her and I am so happy for her and Jeff and their family to have this amazing property! The whole place came funished too! Incredible. They deserve it.

Saw a great lightening storm on the lake and finally watched the stalwart fishermen give it up and come least until it passed in its severity.

I am now home and enjoying the rain and my easy weekend is planned out with fun things to do and loved ones to share it with.... and yet, tonight I have the opportunity to have a "veg" night with just me and my doggy. I think I am planning some decadent reading and maybe I will cook some shrimp and pasta and throw in a bunch of garlic and basil from my garden. MMMMM. A glass of wine should do me well while I revel in the quiet of this summer's ee'en.

My reading tonight is not of my'ere, I will persevere and learn and read and grow....

Our Storybook Club has chosen the theme of "Vampires" for it's next topic of discussion. I have to admit that I am a bit of a WOOS when it comes to stuff like this. You can ask my close friends. I don't DO scary movies. Oh, I suppose I'll try a campy zombie movie or a freakish anaconda fright or invasion of the giant spiders sort of movie once in awhile....but NOTHING supernatural or macabre or evil or slasher.

My imagination is just too wild for this shite. Someday, I will write some of my TRUE experiences hither...and then you will see why I don't need to add any embelishment to my life with horror movies.
But surely I digress...

So, this Vampire theme has got me into a bit of a tizz....I am learning lots with my Storybook Club, and I absolutely adore it. But this theme (especially the real historical tales of cruel sadists like Vlad the Impaler or Elizabeth Bathory have definately turned my stomach.) Yet, I will read on...and learn important things like WHY we have stories of Vampires, what the reasoning is behind it ....learn about Psychic and Energy Vampires...and more best to stop them, kill them, protect against them.

So while I peruse some fun and creepy summer reading for my upcoming Storybook Club....
(and desperately hope that I can convince them to talk about TROLLS next time...)
I am thinking of using a LOT of garlic in my shrimp and pasta this night....

Just to be sure :)

I mean can't HURT :)

Bodice Challenge Goes on~
1) Exercise: Walked/Jogged Monty this morning. I am trying to include longer bouts of jogging and pushing myself to go a wee bit farther when I do my "incremental" spurts of jogging

2) Food:
Breakfast: Greek yogurt with some cereal sprinkled on top. 1/4 Cantalope. Black coffee.
Lunch: Grilled chicken/ 3 salt potatoes and tomato salad and  2 Marguaritas :)
(I politely declined the birthday cake and ice cream in favor of the Tequila...we MUST have our priorities :)
Dinner: Pasta and Shrimp Scampi and salad w/ feta. Glass of wine.

3) Creativity: hmmm.....Less like "creative" and more "Lenient" and gave myself permission for a day off to fuck around and visit and read. :)

4) BP:  117/74

PS~ My FAVORITE Vampire joke:

"Do you know what a vampires favorite fast food is?

A guy with High Blood Pressure"  :)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you a bit more cheery than last blog.
Thou art waaaay to hard on thyself!

As a skinny beanpole, wishing to be more womanly,believe me when I say--
do not always envy the bony clavicle. We who do not
have your curves long for the shoulders to carry
the strapless gown, the soft chest for the lover's
head, the ample bosom for the medieval garb.

And don't run, or jog. Just walk--walk faster, in
spurts, then ease up and walk for the joy of
having two legs under you. Jogging is hell on the
joints, and my friends who jog have horrible butts.
A man loves some "junk in the trunk"--my artist
(painter) friend told me that. ANd he's an awesome judge
of flesh! poetry friend Nancy (of itty bitty....)

LynnieBee said...

If vampire study is uncomfortable for you, may I make a suggestion in terms of Vampire-esque reading? We read a book when I was in 6th grade called *The Vampire Who Came for Christmas* by Dian Curtis Regan. It is a kid's book, an oddly sweet,funny book about a boy who finds a vampire living in his attic, a vampire who has sworn off drinking blood. The boy and the vampire form a very tight, interesting bond. It's a Christmas story, it addresses lots of vampire myths (for and against), and it's not in the least bit scary, trust me, it's beyond tame. I'm sure no one meant to make you uncomfortable by suggesting vampires as next month's theme, and I hope you can get some good new knowledge and enjoyment out of it, even if it's not your cup of tea. As a fellow WOOS, I sympathize *hugs* Try to find the book, it's quite cute :)

Merlyn said...

I am enjoying learning new things...and some of the reading has been enjoyable. Some has NOT. But that's ok. That's how you learn. :)

and yes, thanks for the support Georgia...and yet, I would like to be a bit less padded but with a bit more energy :) and I kinda like jogging a helps me burn off some wildness :)