Merlyn's Challenge: 1st Day

Well, after I posted last night about my upcoming healthy lifestyle changes to begin on the morrow...
I did what any red blooded girl would do.

I ate and drank what I wanted. This was also spurned on by my darling Harry buying dinner last night. So there was veggie pizza and wings and antipasto and veggie lasagna and Cabernet. I had 3 glasses. I also fell asleep at 10:30pm in the comfy chair, then groggily went to up to bed.

Today I measured out the big wine glass I had been drinking from and it measured out to 3 servings per glass. (A serving being 4 oz. I mean REALLY. WHO drinks 4 fucking ounces of good wine??) So at that rate I had consumed actually 9 servings of wine, bringing the total of alcohol consumption up to about 800 calories...JUST ON WINE.

Oh. And jelly beans. Me and Monty Joe finished the last two pitiful and lonely handfuls of Easter jelly beans.

But that was yesterday...PRE-Challenge day. :)

So here I go to post for TODAY:

1) Merlyn's Exercize Accomplishment for today:
I took Monty for a goodly walk and (ahem) I actually jogged seven times in increments. Wore my new sneakers and my "hold the girls safely" sports bra so I wouldn't come back a casualty with a black eye.
I also bought a box of copier paper at Staples and hefted that in and out of the cart several times. This DOES count as a "weight bearing" exercize, does it not? :)

2) Merlyn's Food/Drink (damage or prize) notation:
I have measured my food (and wine ...ahem) today. I have been a good girl. Came in under 1500 calories, I'm pretty sure. Had watermelon and greek yogurt for breakfast, a measured lunch with Debbie (including some wine)  and a stir fry for dinner. I am pretty proud of myself. Gonna have tea for dessert.
I get a star.

3) Merlyn's Creative Accomplishment for today:
Started a couple of sewing projects, by furthering their progress. I am very much enjoying the "guest room" upstairs as a boon "Room for Merlyn"...a "Merlyn Cave" as it spread out my projects and LEAVE it in progress and can go back to it later. YAY for previous kicking arse on the house!

4) Merlyn's Blood Pressure (This AM's reading):
121/83  Not bad considering last night's dinner....oh and I had chips last night too...forgot to tell you that part.

All in all a goodly day! And one of the BEST parts of it all....

Is that I am getting an out pouring of support from others, who are joining me on this quest! I guess the inspiration that I mentioned for my motivation with fitting into a bodice...inspired Diane and Lynn to call this adventure: "The Bodice Diet" (for ladies) ....

and for the men?

Brian is calling his quest during this time the "No bread/white flour Diet!"

Geoffrey is saying that he just went back to vegetarianism and cranked up his exercise routine!


Cynthia is walking to work and appointments and while she eats healthy, she's paying even more attention!

Ellen has already lost 25# so far this spring and is giving us ideas for yummy good for you recipes!

Betsy has been supportive, has gotten a membership to a CSA and is gonna give me some of her chicken's eggs!

Jude is focusing on high protein, low carbs and lots of pretty colorful veggies!

Kristin inspired us with a "Special K" breakfast to kick things off!

So, remember....this IS all about you!

How did YOU do overall today?


Anonymous said...

Pretty good so far.

Fried Egg (1 whole egg, 1 white, non-stick pan, no fat), sprinkled with 25 calories worth of my homemade bacon bits (center cut nitrate free bacon, fried, trimmed of all fat and chopped fine - I make a small batch and keep it wrapped up tight in the fridge) on a piece of toasted sprouted grain bread. 1% Milk in my French Pressed Coffee. 275 Calories

Almond-Current Flatbread with Labne (Yogurt Cheese) - 320 Calories

Kombucha - 80 Calories

Blackened Tilapia (cooked in a bit of coconut oil) - Clouds of Love mashed potatoes with chives - Sautee'd Spinach with lots of garlic and Roma Tomatoes. 550 Calories

Tea for Dessert, perhaps Zhenas Gypsy Coconut Chai


LynnieBee said...

Did pretty well for the first day :) Breakfast: Muesli with Skim Milk. Lunch: Homemade turkey meatloaf, one small piece of Italian Bread, and a bowl of cherries. We spent the evening at Taste of Syracuse. I had one small square of baklava, one freshly made California Roll, one boneless Buffalo wing, one Gyro, one order of grape leaves and tzatziki, and one small serving of gelato. So, lots of little bits in the evening, but we walked all the way around the festival twice and I drank two bottles of water. I have to locate my blood pressure monitor, I'll hopefully post about that tomorrow. My creative accomplishment for today was composing a letter to a friend:) I feel like it was a decent start, and tomorrow is another day :)