Day 13 of The Bodice Challenge~

1) Exercise: Hoed the garden!

2) Food:
Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with feta, black coffee
Lunch: A Greek salad at Parkers and unsweet tea with lemon
Snack: Caramel Rice Cake
Dinner: Taco Bell/ordered a side of rice and a side of guacamole. Wasn't much, but was enough
Party after Open Mic: 1 Sierra Nevada pale ale/handful of rice chips/ raw veggies/ small handful of peanuts.
Under 1500

3) Creativity: Made the label for new CD "Heroes & Rogues" for disc. Also put tomato cages on my DOZEN tomato plants while hoe-ing the garden! If they don't blight (like they did 2 years ago...) then man o man are we gonna have tomatoes!!! Cherry and Roma tomatoes. 6 plants each!  Played at the open mic with John Harnois and Harry! :)

4) BP: 117/72

A goodly day :)

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