Day 12 of "The Bodice Challenge"

Good news! 

I don’t have a scale, but weighed myself at work on the medical scales for a class we run, and I am 7#s lighter!

I also measured myself at the beginning of week 2 and my measurement tallies are also less (preliminarily- I know, I should wait till the “week” mark :)
     1)    Exercise: Some free weights and exercise after dinner while I watched a movie with Harry :)

     2)    Food:
Breakfast:  ½ cup Greek yogurt, 1 banana, sprinkling of cereal on top. Delicious black coffee
Lunch: Salad greens w/ ¾ cup Seafood salad topper and fruit on the side.
Snack: Caramel corn rice cake
Dinner: Broccoli, chicken and a stuffed cabbage roll.
Wine . No, I am NOT giving up my evening glass of Cabernet :)
1200 calories!

     3)    Creativity: Still working on garb rack. Now I am mending some garb pieces that have had an “issue” and made them wearable again. Got a Ren skirt and a Victorian blouse FIXED. Wrapped a birthday present :)
    4)     110/72! WOOT!!! are you doing on your quest? Talk to me :)


LynnieBee said...

Going well :) I haven't really noticed any appreciable weight loss going by my scale, but I have more energy and I fee like I'm toning up a bit :) I haven't really been counting calories, mostly just trying to make better food choices and watching my portions, maybe I'd see a little more progress if I started counting too....hmmm...

LynnieBee said...

But yay for you on your 7# loss!!!! *wolf whistles*