The Challenge~ day 2

I had a dream that I looked in the mirror and saw..... 
Boy was he handsome. 
(and he had ....ahem.....EVERYTHING...that was the FIRST thing I checked. :) 
I think this diet is really making me feel powerful...
So, I guess my body loves what I did yesterday.

Blood pressure this morning is: 108 / 72  so that dropped a LOT (121 / 83).

(It's got to be the chips :)


I don't have a scale. Have thought of buying one, but it would be too depressing to step on it. Threw away the one I had last year. Talon and I were convinced the thing was fucking possessed. I mean, how do you gain and lose and gain 10# in a day?

Get this: It was the scale that my GRANDMOTHER had for YEARS. She died in 1986 and I got if from her estate sale THEN. I think it did it's duty and then it went senile. Gramma never did :)

When I posted this challenge to myself (and to anyone who wanted to join me) on last Thursday night, I was very aware that I had a day out planned with one of my best girlfriends for Friday and this party today.

Almost thought "well... I can postpone this to start on Sunday". But really. When is it ever really a perfect time? There's always gonna be something going on...some wedding or party or friend in town. If you live by that cycle, nothing will ever change. Besides...for these things to be a "lifestyle" it HAS to fit within your regular daily life!

Had a bowl of delicious RED fruit this am for breakfast:  Cherries, Raspberries and Watermelon. mmmm~

Also went to a family graduation party today. There was lots to eat and drink. I did pretty good, I think.
I passed on the alcohol, cake and cookies and crackers and bread.
Instead, I ate the real food (veggies, fruit and meat) and drank bottled water instead.

Visited with everyone, ran around picking up my girls to go with me to this family gathering....
I am now home....They are gone....
and Me?

I'm GRUMPY as HELL right now....

But feel I did pretty good, overall....

gonna go drink some water and have a bit of something else before bed....protein or fruit perhaps.

1) Walked/Jogged Monty again till it rained.
2) Did great eating. Under 1500 calories for sure.
3) I did some filing of deskwork today. While not totally creative...It takes gargantuan effort on my part to do this task.
4) 108/ 72

Hope your day was good....mine was fun, but am feeling strangely shitty right now.... just tired, I guess....

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LynnieBee said...

You might be in a little bit of a carb crash too. Whenever there's big drop in carbohydrates, it effects your mood, since carbs are the *feel good* stuff..your blood sugar might be a twinge low, my secret for when that happens is fruit or lowfat chocolate milk :)