Bodice Challenge~ Day 6!

Wow! A scorcher of a day!

Are you enjoying SUMMER? :)

1) I DID exercise today. With Monty. I told him he might not want to join me at 1pm for a walk/jog (being a black dog and all) but I couldn't convince him when I was putting on my sneakers. He really wanted to go. So we did a shorter route but we did it. Sweated my arse off! Came home and put the poor panting frenzied doggy in a mild bath of warm water to cool him off. Then scrubbed the tub and had a shower myself. I am feeling stronger....a bit firmer...heaving/panting less when I walk/jog and jogging further at intervals!

2) Ate fruit, Greek yogurt, veggies, nuts, and kippers. You know, just plain food. About 900 calories before the open mic party...where I delighted in 2 glasses of home made beer that Dennis made, some summer sausage and a few rice chips. I came in at 1500 calories WITH a party :)

Also tried cleansing my face with honey, as recommended by my friend Lynn. A glowing complexion is noticeable! :)

3) Creative: Finished cleaning my bathroom/garb rack area and (drumroll...rrrrrrrr) I CLEANED OFF MY DESK and did invoices for sales tax! TA-DA!  Also played some great "Rusty Crusty Melodies" for our theme at Open Mic tonight! :)

4) BP 112/ 74

A GREAT day. I also got my daughter Shawna for the day and evening and we (me, Shawna and Monty :) laid down on my quilted big bed (after my walk/jog) for a wee nap together in front of the fan. BLISS :)


I had several compliments on how well I am looking and that I seem to "feel better" to others! :)

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