Bodice Challenge, Day 5 and counting....

Up late, Up too early.

Hung in there.

1) No exercise except setting up, breaking down and playing a show and finishing loading/sorting garb rack (which is DONE.) Thank God.. Tired. Considered taking Monty for a walk/run. Decided to veg instead. Tomorrow is another day.

2) Did well on food, I mean I made some good choices. Some that I normally don't make.
Had 2 cups dry cheerios and a banana in the car on the way to a gig at 7fucking am.
Harry took me to Ponderosa and I had the salad bar. Chose veggies, fresh and cooked and rice. No meat, no bread, no cheese.
Had Greek yogurt and a couple hard boiled eggs for a snack.
Corn on cob (no salt) and sauteed crab for dinner.
1 glass of wine (mostly to balm my feet)

3) Creativity= Civil War show today and live performance. Show went really well. Played Mandolin for a medley. Also finished sorting (by color) my garb rack and settled it. I am done.

4) BP  this pm as I forgot this am again (read: too damn early and was thinking of packing car, not bp)
but it was 104/73 which I was really happy to see.

Going to bed.
Kinda disgruntled. Harry's been great and sweet. But I have too much to do and no time to do it.
Asked for help with Monty over the weekend while we are traveling ....and well....people have their own agendas. So I will be like the "Little Red Hen" ....

But at least I didn't eat the anger with food or drink it away like I would normally do.
I'm not really worried about them reading my blogs.
Because they don't give a flying rat's arse.

Good night.

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