The Bodice Challenge....~ Day 4

1) Exercise~  Walked/Jogged Monty before 8am and got my exercise in for the day...before the day!

2) Intake~ Cinnamon Cheerios (they are WHOLE GRAIN, can you stand it? and delicious with a banana and almond milk! YUM)
Leftover sloppy joe on leaf lettuce with coleslaw
Dinner from "Healthy Party food choices" (no bread, no dairy, no junk...1 weeeee glass (read : Serving size:) of red wine.

3) Creativity~
      Well, Harry designed another garb rack for me, so I spent a couple of hours working on cleaning (read: Pine Sol :) behind the rack and then starting to sort out the sorting it a bit differently.
By color (white thru Chakra color rainbow to black...) and not by "type"
Which means all the garb (Ren/Canal/Victorian/Gypsy) is all together but sorted by color. Many more possibilities are opening up by looking at it in this new way!

Had Storybook Club tonight so I "got creative" with my table decorations for the theme and food for the subject of "Dragons!" Made a cute centerpiece and table and make "Dragon Eggs" (hard boiled tea stained eggs in a kewl jaggedy bowl that Shawna made for me in 7th grade :)

4) BP....I forgot to take it before my early I flubbed this part.

A very goodly day! :)

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