The Bodice Challenge....~ Day 3

1) Exercise.  None. That is if you don't count running around on errands, up and down stairs and helping steady and dismantle my garb rack (which had a massive fatal rack attack and dumped ALL my garb...guess I've over exceeded it's weight limit on GARB accumulation too?) Then I had to quick as a bunny remove all the loaded hangers while Talon held the dissolving rack between his hands) Yah, that was exciting.

2) Food. Ate pretty good, considering I had another party (there's one tomorrow too...)
Had cereal, banana and almond milk for breakfast.
Stir fried veggies and lentils on lettuce for lunch.
Pirate Bards met today. I made Sloppy Joes (but I didn't have ANY bread.) I went easy, no 2nds.
Only 2 SMALL glasses of wine.  Drank orange seltzer and water in between.
No white flour, no sugar, no junk. 
Pretty damn good ....for ME :)

3) Creativitiy: Sewed a bag to hold my dancing Limber Jack man and folding metal music stand for Civil War shows. And met with Talon and Swabby (and Debbie and Greg came over) and the Pirate Bards combed thru 3 more chapters of editing. :) That was FUN and VERY creative.

Also, with Harry and Talon's help, I set up the 10' x 12' fabric landscape backdrop I made (over the last few months at my Creativity Circle) and tried it for size in the backyard...complete with a Union and Confederate flag for Tuesday's Civil War show. I am very pleased with my sewing abilities and vision. :) It is 12 yds of fabric big  :)

4) 110/ 77 BP

All in all a very good day....should've walked/run Monty...but he went on a beer run with me in the car instead. Taking a break is kinda good too, as I am walking/jogging in new sneakers...and well, I think they are more "walking" shoes than running my shin splints are no longer a memory.

I dearly hope you are doing good too?

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LynnieBee said...

Working on it :) Every day is a little better :) Go You!!!