Bodice Challenge Day 27

Ok, so I got the scale last night, remember? Pulled it out of the box and doesn't work. The "Long Life Lithium" batteries were dead. (I IRONIC huh? :)

Not that I really want to know the damage...but I do. I think it's good to know. Like my brother in law said about my BP monitor..."Once you have it, you know, so you can fix it." Or conqueror it or something.
Or faint dead away in the morning when I see the damage. Oh, I have an idea what it's not pretty.

But the only way to fix a problem is to trouble shoot it, right?

And this scale has some bells and whistles on it....needs to know your height, gender, age....thank the Gods I have a college degree to program it :)

1) Exercise: Walked Monty. Jogged only a little. Was tired today....

2) Food:
Breakfast: 2 eggs over easy with a sprinkling of feta. (yum!) 2 clementines. Black coffee. (250)
Lunch: 1 whole wheat roasted tomato and jalepeno tortilla with 1 cup of pinto bean salad and a small handful of restaurant corn chips. (400).
Snack: Special K snack bar and some fresh blueberries at my desk (125)
Dinner: Roast Chicken, salad greens w/ 1/2 tomato and 2 tlbs of Lite Caesar dressing. Boiled zucchini (yum!)
After dinner relax: 2 servings wine (that's 4 oz each lovies...count em....4!) = (200)
1575 cals. (I may even have exaggerated the wine and the dinner tally so it might be a bit less...)

3) Creativity: Wrote the monthly Merry Mischief mailer and started sending that out to the database. Went to Jo-Ann fabrics and picked out some lining to work on the next project for a friend. I need to finish this ren vest for her husband BEFORE faire. And den? I have this most amazing fabric that I've been wanting to make a BODICE out's's gorgeous. It will look beautiful on me. I am planning on starting that when I get this last project done. And I think it would be a nice touch to wear the NEW bodice on the last day of faire for the "Bodice Challenge" too, don't you? :)

4)BP:  113/76

In order to feel better in other ways...(and to continue making my wake...I mean, my PROGRESS ....
I made a Master List of things to accomplish the other day.
Today I broke it down into a few things I will tackle tomorrow.
Will try to tackle something every day off the list...

"Inch by inch...anything's a cinch." ~ Robert Schuller

And speaking of inches....

Tomorrow I measure myself again and hopefully I will have some good news to tell you on my MONTH MARKER tomorrow!

This is me last year at faire....
Oooooh the decadent lass with the big hooties and the flimsy, gauzy, see thru chemise!!
I made a lot of men and boys (and a few ladies ;) very happy that day!

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LynnieBee said...

I'm so proud of you!!! You have been a big motivational factor for me all this month. The fact that you are working so hard makes me want to work hard so I can keep up with you :) Thanks for spurring me along *hugs* I was thinking, after the *formal* challenge is over next week,is there any way those that have taken up the challenge can continue? I mean, we may not want to continue the daily posting in our blogs about what we ate and exercise, etc, but, keeping a daily and semi-public log has been helpful for me. Maybe we could start a group on Facebook? Or rather than blogging about and health and fitness every day, maybe one day a week, like Fridays or something, we could do a blog post about how our week went, in terms of health goals? Just some thoughts,I'd love to hear your input on the subject :)