Bodice Challenge Day 25

1) Exercise: Walked/jogged  w/ Monty. Hoe’d the garden. Swept the driveway.

2) Food:
    Breakfast: Whole Grain Cinnamon Chex/Blueberries/Almond milk    (200)

    Lunch at the Dinosaur BBQ! (WOOT!) Ok, so I had a dire hankering for fried green tomatoes (3) black beans & rice and a salad w/ chicken.  Ice Tea w/ Lemon.  (1000)

    Dinner: 1 cup pasta and 1 cup sauce w/portabellas and garlic. (350)

3) Creativity-  Sewed a poet shirt, made lists, took a final exam for online Grey School of Wizardry course “Beast Mastery” (have now finished 3 courses there :) and worked on an essay on "Self Cleansing"for a course “Core Energy Practices”.

4) BP:   116/76

No wine today. Had enough yesterday for both days :)

Thanks for your support in all this. I know I didn't "fail" yesterday...even tho' I said so....I did "fail" on my quest for staying on track...but I did not fail at having a great day with my loved ones :)

and I always tend to beat myself makes me get back on the horse that I fell off of....

(It's the the whole Catholic retribution thang in motion.)

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LynnieBee said...

OMG I LOVE DINOSUAR!!! I haven't been there since last summer, this must be remedied :) Go you!!!