Bodice Challenge~ 1 week perspective

Well, it's been a week on my self imposed challenge of blogging my attempts at 4 areas:

1) My Daily Exercise Accomplishment (which forces me to DO)

2) My Food Intake:
Trying to avoid most dairy (excluding Greek yogurt) no junk, no bread, no white sugar, no white flour, cutting meat & alcohol consumption greatly and becoming aware of serving sizes. Adding more whole grains and water.

3) My Daily Creativity Pursuit (I can't stagnate on just being into "self" with all the nutrition and exercise...I must export ideas and energy as well as importing self care)

4) My Daily Blood Pressure Reading (generally taken in the morning) Just to keep me in a good habit.
In April my doctor said it was high (a bit over 140/90)'s been a week.

I HAVE blogged every day.  (check :)

I HAVE exercised every day but one.(and that was an active day besides). Have been walking with some additional jogging in spurt intervals. Have also done some floor exercises for limbering up. (check)

I HAVE done much better on my eating, becoming aware of serving sizes again (I was once 118#! I know, hard to believe, but YES. And I did that with running and calorie counting back when I was in my late 30's.)
I am trying to keep myself to true to about 1500 calories or so. Oh, I know 1200 would be great, ideal even. (and torturous). I didn't put on this weight fast, so there's no sense in becoming austere here and then becoming discouraged.
Anyways, 1500 is still what I used to do in chips and wine and bread a day anyways :)
"Will there be bread?"

I HAVE done great with my BP readings too. The reading at the start of this a week ago was 118/79.
This morning's read was 104/73. With the lowest reading 2 days ago being 104/73. I'm happy with this.

How do I feel?

Well, I'm sore!
But I'm feeling pretty good all in conscience feels better in the DOING of it all. I like being good to my word. This whole thing makes me be accountable. I feel stronger in my heart and spirit too.
Like I can do anything once again!
I MAKE myself do stuff.
Then I feel pretty damn good when it's done.

NOTE: I "should've" measured myself around bust/waist/hips/thighs/arms last week. I didn't. I kinda fucked up in that, so I could keep better track.
I should've gotten a scale and had a starting weight. But I don't have one, and don't want to blow the cash on it for now. ( I probably will buy one again soon).

So tomorrow, starting the 2nd week, I will measure myself (sorry, but I'm not disclosing those numbers..(EEEEEEEK!)
Altho, I will tell you if I am adding or subtracting by the end of next week)

I am doing this challenge notation, till the start of Sterling, calling this the "Bodice Challenge" so this 51 year old singer babe can horse her arse up the Warwick hills and cinch herself fetchingly (and not to painfully) into her many bodices and garb choices.  (Read: Scottish lass who doesn't want to HAVE to buy new stuff :)
I am hoping to make a new lifestyle habit once again.
Geminis are so fickle.

So that should be a good week recap.

How are you doing with YOUR personal challenges now that you have gone a whole week?
What have you learned?
Is this a good thing?
A hardship?
Are you feeling better?
Feeling resentful?
Or are you happy you are doing it with me?

Todays notes:

1) Exercise: I had to take on a job I didn't want to do today. It was a time bomb just ticking ....waiting....
I had to help Wayne clean out the camper (Our "cottage").
Now, I left the cottage, cleaned, neat and empty and locked it up ready to go for the next trip...way back in fall. You know, like most people would.
Unbeknownst to me, Wayne decided to "fill it" with his hoarding treasures over the winter, and use it as an extra storage. (read: WTF?) This spring, when I saw what he had done, I knew that we had to use it for a trip to a ren faire (now it is TOMORROW we need it) and I told him that I was NOT going to empty it, as I did not fill it. (fair? I think so, besides, he was warned going into it).
So today, he HAS to empty it and I had to clean it behind him.

There were words.

Four letter ones.

I think at one point I hollared out the back door "I am not going to be held hostage by your hoarding!!" for the neighbors to hear. Ok, so we act out. He tried putting things back in. I barked "no". He barked back. I barked a LOUDER "NO" in his sweaty face.
I found mouse/ratty tracks and they shredded and ravaged my drawer in the Cottage that had my kitchen towels and napkins in it making a lovely winter ratty retreat in there, with mouse shite all around. UGH.
BUT, when all was said and done, he DID put away his toys and the camper is cleaned and ready to go.
(Read: I WON :)

The Cottage is clean and ready to go, nice fluffy bed all ready...except that Wayne has to get it inspected BEFORE we drive to MA in the morning. Egad. Oh well, he is my last minute man. As far as the exercise goes, I sweated my arse off doing this job for THREE HOURS. It was hard. Very hard. And stressful being under the gun. (I don't like the last minute thing, and would rather have my ducks in a row) but now it's done. Wayne, to his credit, did a lot of work yesterday and mowed and got the camper ready for the inspection tomorrow by checking lights and all. Have also packed for trip.Garb and personal.
I also did some yoga to stretch out as I've been running and am now pretty stiff with this humidity. I feel good. I feel stronger and accomplished!

2) Food: Greek yogurt, blueberries and watermelon for breakfast with black coffee. YUMMY.
Taco salad for lunch. No sour cream, and I left most of the corn chips.
Rice cake for snack.
Dinner was vegetarian stirfry with Portabella mushrooms, red peppers, onions and lemon garlicious sauce. I also had a serving of Potstickers (boiled Chinese dumplings). Now a second serving of wine. I'm exhausted.

3) Creativitiy: I made silk purse out of a sow's ear. (see story on Cottage above :)

4) 104/73 !!

I must leave you for a few days. I WILL be keeping the faith on my quest, even if I don't post. I may or may not have Internet access.

I will be writing while I'm gone about my experiences at the LARP faire (Live Action Role Playing) faire where Trolls, Fairies, Pirates and Orks all live, fight and play together.

I hope that you continue on your goodly quest as well. Please email me, post here or on Facebook and tell me of your trials, tribulations and accomplishments.

We are in this together.

Love and Hugs


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