Judgement Day Approacheth~ Reminder: "Did you bleach your whites?"

I am interrupting my currently running scheduled blog of "Dumpster Days" to bring you this important service announcement about the weekend's plans (for some) of being raptured.

I feel the need to chat here.

1) According to the Bible that I was raised on (whether I liked it or not :(
and from all the "I wish we all had been ready" scary Baptist promotional films I was dragged to....
(whether I liked it or not :(

I'd like to bring up a passage from the book of reference (you know the one...the BIBLE):
Matthew 24:36
(Go ahead, look it up)

New Living Translation (©2007)
"However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows."

OH! Did you hear that?

So, the hoopla isn't even following THE plan that was set in THE book of reference that these Bible thumpers thump.

You see this Pagan knows her Bible.
Lots of Pagans know the Bible.

Obviously WAAAAY better than some "Born agains" if you ask me....)

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Jesus.

But if folks are going to follow him.....
then they ought to FOLLOW him!.
...and his words...
....and his plan.
That means feeding the hungry, taking care of the sick and the poor and to wait on him.
Whenever that is.

And maybe it's not supposed to be "LITERAL" rapture, but have you considered, a SPIRITUAL rapture?
Much like the Aquarians and the Angel believers talk about a "current shift in cosmic energy onto a higher plane."

But surely I digress....

But wait!
There's more!

2) There are CRAZIES out there lovies.
May I just take a moment to remind you of a couple of historical names?
Jim Jones.
Halle Bop.
They thought it was the end too...but it was just THEIR end.

What I am concerned about is some of these folks are just crazy enough to MANIPULATE something to happen. Like explosives on the San Andreas fault line or something.
You know...instead of waiting for their God and the plan that they say they follow,
they take things into their own hands and they could cause mass destruction...
just to prove a POINT.
This scares me more than a just and loving God possibly calling us home.

3) Maybe I've read too much Sci-Fi. ...
But I remember a great story, (and I think it was Ray Bradbury in the "Illustrated Man" series...)

But there was this planet....
And all the adults woke up in the morning with the same bad dream.
It was a nightmare of the End of World. (sound familiar?)
So all the Council of Adults got together, and they decided that it would not be fair nor loving to have their sweet, innocent children go through such an apocolypse.
So, they lovingly gave their children their kisses and hugs at bedtime along with some painless poision and sent them to a permanent sleep.
And then?
There was a next day!
The sun dawned!
There was NO End of the World!
But ...
there were also NO CHILDREN anymore.

A sad and poignant story....yes.
But I wonder, how many tragic sweet innocent deaths will come on this Saturday for just the same reason.
I can forsee scared, indoctrinated people doing something like this, in good faith, and, like Jim Jones's escapades, it goes terribly wrong. I am concerned for children and innocent hearts who will be forced into something horrible for misguided reasons.

But my points here, are NOT to depress you, my friends.
I love you.
I want you to be AWARE.

As some of you know, I do Tarot cards.
There is a "Judgement" day card in the pack as well.
And the card has special meaning (as all the cards do)
It means, "Facing Facts. Liberation of old attitudes and ideas. Facing reality. A change of heart or mind."

Maybe, just maybe, can we look at all this silly hoopla and find a greater meaning here?

Our Mother Earth is being daily poisioned, polluted and raped.
We treat each other unkindly in this world.

Maybe we ARE being called to a higher purpose.
But maybe a change of heart and mind SHOULD come!
On a daily basis, to live right, live greener, love one another as if today is your last.

Maybe the God that is calling you to bigger things, a nobler path,.....

Do you believe in a loving God?

Or a vengeful one?

We are what we believe in.

Which are you?

So, go out there today,
Do good!
Harm None!
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

And look into the heavens with HOPE in your heart of a loving Universe
(or who ever you call your Higher Power)