Squirrel Haven 2.0

Hey Ho! Thought I do another update.

Everyone involved (Harry, Dave, Joe, me) in our home project has been busting arse around here and it is really starting to come together!

Our wiring project is done and I will be getting to redoing the office very soon.
Dave didn't have to do this patch, but before we knew it, he was done!

The house is a lot sturdier and safer now! Looks good too!
I like it when it's fall and the green ivy turns orange and red, don't you?

 We can even OPEN these lovely windows on the back room now!!!!

and we have a bit of a roof over our deck now for over the back door and over the hot tub!!
 The hot tub needs repair. That is one of the next projects to be done...
but when it's cleaned off and fixed ...
it'll be AWESOME to have a roof over us
and that also means.....

and there have been 8, count em, 8 new ones put in too! :)

 Hey, careful there......that first step is a doozie...

Yes, it's starting to feel lots more cozy here :)

And also QUIETER too with the tighter more efficient windows!

Hey Lorie...here's the wreath you gave me. Looks good with this plaque I had!


Here's a before picture....of one spot....
the cinder block addition was added WAY before we got it. It was painted to match the Harvest Gold aluminum stuff. I decided to just go with the white...as it would be too costly to match the old aluminum.
and one from this morning....same spot.
I like the way it looks, fine.
It looks good.

 I will be painting the privacy stockade partition white for on the deck...
No sense in the neighbors getting a wild buck arse show :)

and previous pic (the backyard is another story...but inch by inch....eh?
Harry is being fabulous and making a lot of changes and pitching in....
We were joking this morning that we've finally made the commitment that we love each other enough to work together and try to LIVE together so it's good for BOTH of us....
even if it's not easy sometimes....
it's worth it!

we have lots more to do.
And miles to go before we sleep....

but HEY!
it's better.

WAY better. :)

The outlook is very good.

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

Beautiful AND brave!

I seriously don't remember ANY of those windows! lol

Carry on!
Feels good, eh?