A Minstrels many hats~ Day 2

 So this day saw us up and at 'em for 3 of our "Ren Revelry" shows back to back to enhance and support Fairport MS's "Medievel/Renaissance Day: ..for all the kids.

Our "Ren Revelry" show is supported by curriculum and backed up with texts...and...we hope...

Fun AND Educational.

So there were were....In the Rochester area, loaded in, plugged in, patched in, tuned up, garbed up, and fed...(aye, they fed the minstrels. It harkens back to a long tradition of "singing for yer supper" ...as well as getting paid "day of show" ...which....to those minstrels out there know (if they've ever worked for "institutions" that this is a BOON day :)

The shows went good... the first fine, the second rocked and the third.....
well....... the third went very well..... until it was the proverbial "bus time"....where the kids lost their minds.

It's a thing.

In gigs like this, you have to be VERY aware of social implications, role modeling, accurate portrayal, fun presentation...and MOST Importantly ....


When the mod begins...when the kids settle in....down....
and when the mod is OVER.

In the meantime, you try to behave your very best....
sing your most harmonious...
give as much historical information you can...
while still being "human" and entertaining....

and turn the kids ON.

There were many kids in the 2nd mod that came up to us to pet my ratty named "Scabbers". Yah, he looked like Ron Weasley's famous pet. I couldn't resist naming him.

After three shows done, costumes folded, backdrop dropped and packed, wireless buttoned up (we are very much liking our wireless system for these gigs BTW...it gives us such freedom!! I would recommend a bobby pin behind your ear hook to hold the mic. VERY helpful when changing between instruments, and dancing.)

Yes. Harry danced. :

With ME.


It was scandalous.

Then my favorite part of the show....


Q~ "Why did King Henry the 8th kill his wife, Anne Boleyn?"


A~ "He accused her of treason and beheaded her so that he could remarry a different lady. Not fair. Not advisable. ....but sorta like in "Alice in Wonderland" where the Queen says, "Off with their Head!" And like that.

Q~ "Is that your REAL Hair?" (to Merlyn)
A~ "Aye." (Merlyn pulls on her hair) "Ow!"

Q~ "We listened to Queen Elizabeth talk of dancing today, and she said that if the couple's hands touched while dancing (instead of not touching) that it was "scandalous"...but you did when you danced..."
A~ "Aye. That be because Harry & I are "marry-ed". We have.... a "license". :)

Yet another...
Q~ "Is that your real hair?" (to Harry)
A~ "Aye... and the beard too. When you get a grey hair it can mean only one of two things: Either you are getting old (and Harry IS 207.) OR it means that you are a WIZARD. He certainly looks like one, doesn't he?"

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Harry off to move a trailer full of gear to Wells College for their graduation tomorrow. And den? More wandering minstrel work as Erie Canal/Civil War era travelers, in garb at a re-enactment for Memorial Day festival in the birthplace of Memorial Day.

I went on errands to buy groceries and get WINE.

Old Vine Zin to be precise. :)

Day 3 is tomorrow.

G'nite from the Wizard and his Mate, Merlyn :)

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