2012 & the Meaning of Life (good title, huh? :)

I had a friend stop me in the store the other day to say "hi". After the pleasantries and wishes for the new year ahead, she dropped her voice and said, "What do you think of all scary end of the world Mayan 2012 stuff?"
I said, "Well, the Mayans never predicted an "end" if you will, The calendar resets itself and goes on certain numbers of years, with cycles.

But do you know what I really think? I think that the Mayan guy that was responsible for making the calendar was counting on his beads and charts, one day in hmmmm... 56,000 B.C and called it quits for the day.
He figured, "I've calculated till 2012 A.D...that's good enough for a day's work."
But then he:
a) was a victim of clan wars
b) was thumped him from behind by the Spanish while he was calculating
c) slumped over while at his measuring numbers at his abacus

and well, they either never replaced the guy after the funeral, with another person well suited for it, and they thought, ."that's good enough."and then they all died of the Small Pox that the Spanish and English brought in their ships while carrying off the Mayan gold.

We had a great party last night for New Year's Eve.
One of the fun things we did as a group, was we watched "The Meaning of Life" by Monty Python.
A great perspective adjusting movie!

It's now a New day, month and year.

An EVEN year.


A year full of prophecy, fear and hope.
A New Day with No Mistakes in it. :)

See, what you have to remember in all this is....
 the thing is,
you could get hit by a bus tomorrow.

Live NOW.
Don't worry about things that COULD happen.
Asteroids, earthquakes, floods, famine, war.
There have ALWAYS been these things on this Earth since the beginning of time.

Earth IS a changing planet.
It's molten at it's core, for God's sake.
Don't you think all the molten lava moving around changes shit?

Life IS change.

Here's what I think:

If you've hurt anyone in your life, try to fix it and your KARMA if possible.

Love those who need you.

There is a reason you are here.

You are learning from others....

You are teaching others with your input.

And THAT'S The Meaning of Life.

and ah....

if you want to live long and prosper...

Don't eat the Salmon Mousse. :)


Unknown said...

and fer Crom's sake...put a little rubber thingy on yer dingy.

Merlyn said...

Bzinga :)