Dumpster Day 7

Well, I got my gumption up and went outside with Mr. Monty Joe. He sat in the sunshine, with shade close by and I went and turned on some rock ‘n roll on the radio and cranked it.

Went to get started with the major pile and rolled up my sleeves and started moving one piece by piece. My friend, Nick came by and he helped me by moving some cinder blocks and heavier pieces.

Interestingly enough, while we were working, we had the visitation of a very large bumblebee. You know, one of the BIG ones. He hovered and stayed steadily humming during the entire process. I think he was “supervising” the clean up process. I really swear that’s what he was doing. I talked to him and just let him hang out. We worked around the hovering inspector and just let him hum away, talking lowly to himself the whole time. The bee symbolizes work and community. “The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.” Indeed, the bee works unceasingly for the common good of the hive,
I was glad for the edifying and affirming visitor.

And we cleared the space we needed. 
Before I knew it, it was done!

I raked,  leveled it and then mowed the area for the arrival of the big blue shelf thing. Another day this weekend …Hopefully. :)

I simply feel ESTACTIC with the new space all readied and it was a bear to do…. and it’s DONE!!

And den what did I do?

I went inside and made Sangria with fresh fruit ....

and we drank it all up….

every bit :)

Harry bought dinner for us tonight. Coincidently, my fortune cookie later on this evening said, “It’s the roving bee that gathers honey.”

I had to laugh about our “supervisor” bee today.

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