Dumpster Day 15: Rapture and Snakes :)

It's Saturday, May 21, 2011.

The day some said would be the rapture.

Well, it's a great day here at Squirrel Haven, altho, while we have not flown up to heaven nor heard Gabriel's horn....we have had our adventures of a different tumultuous experience.


LOTS of Snakes.

We found a "Nest of Vipers".


There we were, out back working with Wayne on his piles of treasures...(he was very good really, while only mildly obsessing occasionally (i.e. cutting up 15 laundry detergent bottles with tin snips and rescuing plastic triangular deli sandwich packaging from the dumpster with a determined and ticked off: "I've been saving these for a reason"  and some bouts of infrequent barking...) when I said to Shawna, "Why don't you take those tarps over there and move them to: (drum roll rrrrrrrrrrrr)

"The Tarp Pile".

Wayne said, "What is she gonna do about the snake?"

"What snake??!" I said with a leery voice.

"THAT Snake." he said firmly.

Yes, there, on the heavy black tarp....
in the sun....
in the HOT sun....

was a snake.

Only a garter snake....but still.


Euuwww. (while I appreciate snakes....I do not like them, nor do I want to look at them, and no by Jesus, do I ever want to "pet one" thank you very much...I'll pass. I choose LIFE")


And when we went to move the BIG BLACK TARP?


They were living and basking in the heat of the black tarp turned solar collector.
And toasting.
They were BAKING.
So they were warm.
Which also means that they were agile.

Can I say that the Big Black Tarp "WRITHED" with a life force not it's own?

About 12 snakes (I think) came out of that tarp in the end.

but I nearly climbed to heaven on an invisible stairway.......
and wasn't gonna wait for Gabriel's call.

After I calmed down from this exciting adventure, there were a couple of highlights....

Such as the following:

Wayne saying happy and matter of factly: "Well, we don't need to buy hose clamps, that's for sure!"

And showed me a big container full.

(Were we running low?? How did I miss this??)

Wayne jumping and saying, "STOP! I want to sift this!" as I looked at the ground and watched him pick up rusty nuts and bolts and screws in the dirt under the trees. Where he put them on a trailer full of yet more rusty nuts and bolts and screws he had to yet "sort".

I also listened with delight when I heard him say:
"HEY! Where did THIS come from? Kewl! I don't remember getting this!"
(you know...It's just like Christmas!)

And the most, heavenly, rapturous music to my ears was Wayne making this most amazing statement:

"Well, let's get this full dumpster carted off on Monday. You can get another one this fall, honey."

It's a MIRACLE and worth all the trials and tribulations.

Have a Heavenly Day. :)

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