Day 4

Tackled the deck edges, behind the hot tub spa and under the deck and side of house.

I am using my muscles, and am toning my biceps. Had quite the adventure under the deck. Crawled in on my belly underneath on the mud floor with deck and spiders overhead by about 1 foot spare with the tune “Mission Impossible” running in my head. Found many treasures under there. Most of which will now be residing in dumpster.

Raked out side of house and chucked a maggoty rotting table and chucked broken glass and recycled 36 empty laundry detergent bottles.

Emptied the back end of the spa and swept out last years accumulation of pine needles and tools and found all kinds of odds and ends and doo-dads.  Let spa stuff stay there. Put rest of stuff in Wayne’s pile to sort. I found things I am sure he hasn’t seen in awhile. It will be like Christmas when he starts going through it. My friend Ravyn said that “things can hide in plain sight, and only when you shake things up and clean, do you even remember you had them.” It’s like, “oh THERE you are. I remember you.”
It is a pleasant thing for me to remember wanting to walk out to my deck and around my house, checking on plants and looking at it. It’s a nice feeling, even if I get discouraged in the moment and am bone tired at night, and get spiders in my hair and mud all over me.. Being outside and accomplishing one thing after another is an awesome feeling.

The one MAJOR thing I have learned is the word,  “Compartmentalization

I have a plan.

It goes like this:

1) Pick a “12 o’clock”  spot.(be it only a shelf or a small area)

2 ) Clean that spot

3) Have a designated area for certain things
            (i.e. “Wayne’s to sort/ Metal Scrap/ Wood saved/ Wood to be burned/
            Give Aways/ House stuff./Car Parts/ Trash”)
Put them there.
Sort them later.

4) Move to next spot in a clockwise rotation.

5) Repeat.  

Am looking at my newly cleaned and organized areas with a certain pride and accomplishment. I even went back to gaze on them with delight once or twice.

Will need a couple of burly men to help me move a large shelving unit back to the barn. It’s a monster and a catch all on the side of the house. It can be useful though and I’m sure Wayne will need it back there to put stuff on. Still working on emptying it for now.

~Open Mic tonight,”Cosmic Connections”. I just finished practicing what we will play….

 ~I am nearly finished with getting the liner notes done for new CD, “Heroes & Rogues”.

If this is what the world is like in the “stick to it” month of Taurus …

this Gemini can’t wait till we hit the whirlwind of the month of the many faces/ideas  of Gemini! :)

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