Florida Trip Blog: Skipping thru time & space~ Part 3 (Antietam Battlefield)

Our last adventure on our trip back north this year, was to the Battlefield of Antietam on our way home.
You can find the Antietam Battlefield Visitor Center at
5831 Dunker Church Road, Sharpsburg, MD 21782

This museum and location,  documents the day, September 17, 1862, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of this nation.
Here is a Betsy Ross flag with the 13 stars

Oh my. So much history...and it's of the tragic kind.

Americans fighting Americans.

23,000 soldiers killed in 12 hours. Making it the bloodiest one day battle in American history. 

And the meeting point of both the North & the South, was here at Dunker Church.

Ironically, this church was pacifistic and the battle was fought on its front yard.
Let that sink in.

 Here is a photograph from that tragic day...
The church was nearly destroyed due to artillery, souvenir hunters and storms...
but was later rebuilt

Here it is as it stands today..

Visit Dunker Church webpage

 The museum was very interesting, with so many exhibits to absorb.
Here is a battle drum...
and a minstrel coat of the era....
Some of the many, many monuments that dot the countryside in this historic area:

You can even take a virtual tour on the website! Amazing story.
The Antietam Battlefield Museum

The battlefield itself is now pretty much devoid of any trees...

and there is a haunting feeling of sadness and despair that lingers there to this day....

We remember and pray for those who died there...
and we hope and pray that our present day Americans can learn to listen to each other and work for the good of all now and in the future.

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