A Universal Faire Time!

Hey Ho~
I have a bit of a breather in the action down here and so I thought I'd blog while the blogging is good and catch you all up to date.

Fort Myers Medieval Faire was this last weekend and we have 4 shows a day (3 of which are at the pub :) with the days being 9am-6:30pm.

Had a nice surprise of seeing the lovely Barby Holder here! We miss you Barby!!!

Some mischief with my buddy Jay admiring my "top shelf" bodice and capturing in on his camera for posterity's sake  :)

And here is that pic he took :)

It's really lovely here for faire....

But what's the bright thing in the sky????
Oh yah...SUNSHINE. :)

  Harry and Jay Michaels got up at 5am and went to the faire site to do some music for a couple of the TV stations for publicity interviews. Abby & I got there at a more reasonable hour and helped a bit for the last 9am slot. Channel 4 & 10 down here I think on "WINK" station.

Some faire friends and pics for you to enjoy....

Our favorite lovely "horny" pub wench :) 
 Our guitars are having fun....
 Dre and Max!
 Harry and I played with Heather of the Harpies...

 Such a lovely rendition of Nonesuch and Greensleeves we played!
Our best buds, Jay & Abby of The Harper & The Minstrel sounded wondrous as usual...

The faire was great fun, and the weather was perfect for faire on Saturday with a beauteous 75 degree day. Sunday was warmer, 83 or so, with an afternoon shower which caused some "premature evacuation" of some of the mundanes, but otherwise a wondrous day!  It is so much fun to work it (even with drunk patrons occasionally "loving Merlyn too much", climbing up on stage uninvited and singing loud off key in her ear on stage :) But he was just loving Merry Mischief, so how can we blame him??

 Wailing Wench and Rogue!

Great hanging out with our friends Dre & Max here in Cape Coral with friends The Harper & The Minstrel and singing with them several times on both of our stages!

Monday saw us bugging out around 7am with Donna Davenport and heading to Orlando for our planned adventure of going back to Universal.

 First up, found Harry hanging 10....

 I ran into my long time teenage crush of Shaggy and his Mystery Van.... along with his buddy, Scooby Doo!
I told Shaggy, "Dude! I've had such a crush on you for SOOO long!"
He looked at Scooby and said,
"I saw her first, man!" which made my day!!
 And Harry of course, LOVED Shaggy's Chevy Van...the Mystery Machine!

 Donna got a squeeze too!
Then we yelled hello to Elwood and Jake as they cruised by....

Then onward we went straight way (after a pint at an Irish Pub),
(which reminded us of a certain song.... :)

after avoiding a stray Transformer or two...

and we zombie shuffled into a fun Beetlejuice "Monsters of Rock" show
And I also caught a fish my dad would've been proud of :)

and saving Donna from almost certain death!

 Then we caught the Knight Bus and went to Diagon Alley!

 It was so much fun! I bought a Severus Snape interactive wand and we had fun playing with the intermittent places to do "magic" (turning on lights, unlocking doors, making an umbrella "rain").

Saw the Guardian Dragon on top of Gringots breathe fire!

Went on the Gringots ride and was appropriately scared and amused. (I'm not a big roller coaster ride fanatic, but I did have fun in between times when my eyes were shut and I was hanging on for dear life!)

Got some lunch in Diagon Alley....

Hagrid let me take his bike for a spin....Harry was a little concerned about my driving, but I had fun!

Shopped in the bookstores...

I VERY much enjoyed Diagon Alley and all the shops! It started raining so we had a HOT Butter Beer. Mmmmm! (will be making them with a kick soon :) and then we went to the train station and boarded at 9 & 3/4 and rode it over to Hogsmeade and had a Feast which made the rain go away (at least while we were eating!)

 Got back to Donna's in Gulfport and got warm and into dry clothes and started our new addiction of watching the "Outlander" series with her. Slept well...finally...(it's been hard for me on the road, as usual, to sleep well)

Yesterday, it was another day of travel and performance and we played at The Celtic Ray Public House in Punta Gorda for 3 hours. The folks were grand, the food awesome and we had a blast playing from 6-9pm in the evening.

 Today finds me a bit exhausted, so I am having a bit of a slug day, lounging and watching another Outlander episode or 3...gearing up to play tonight at the Fort Myers Unitarian Universalist Church here at 7pm.

I hope you liked the pics! We are having a fun and busy time of it. On this Thursday we will have our first "day off" since Jan. 5th when we left home, without having to travel, work, or adventure.
Looking forward to every minute of this trip and it's been so fun!

One more weekend of faire coming up and more adventures soon!

Stay warm up home and give my Monty Joe Doggy a scratch for me!

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