Fairytales, Sunshine and Ice~ Part 1

Hey ho! I have a whole sackful of stories and pics for you!
May have to continue this in the next blog there's so many!

Faire WAS fun and it cannot be denied.
Here's the proof!

Playing at the pub is one of my favorite happy places :)

 Having fun with friends~

Cute garb. Must remember this combo. 

 Having fun with Ravyn, Dre and meself. We didn't know it was Purple Day.
I love Purple Day!

Jay's new harp

mmmm...pints on a hot day!

I think that Dre's kitty, O'Malley likes me :)

Yah, I'm pretty sure he likes me :)

 I love animals...and especially friendly ones that I meet along the way....
even at highway/thruway stops

Here's an interesting character. Everyone affectionately calls him "Ren Shirt Guy"
On this shirt are beautifully embroidered recognizeable likenesses to popular ren faire performers.
(I'll blow it up big so maybe you can discern a few folks you know, on his doublet :)

 Ooooh Look! There's Merry Mischief too!

and here is the embroidery artist herself :)

A chilly morning but beauteous music in Liza's shop with our dearest buddies, Jay & Abby- 
The Harper & The Minstrel!

Yes, this is what an "Uber-Band" looks like :)

Water toss splat game!
In January :)
Teeny Weeny the Faery Fae with Merlyn 

 Rainsylph and Rob!

 Dharma and Little Bo Peep and some sheep that I made dance wildly!
The wee nymphs :)
I love this pic, Dharma!

 Wendyl on percussion in the awesome Manna booth (our 2nd home at faire :)
and Harry hamming it up!
They have beautiful hair!
 Seeeeee??? :)

 Dee so pretty in green!
Woooot! Laura you wicked piratey wench!
 Merlyn giving Birthday boy Rob his spankings and pinch for all to see :)

and..... his wife Laura taking pics ;)

Rob liking it, methinks

More to come!

I have to go stretch! This is gonna be a big blog!

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