Epic Epcot :)

Around the World in 16 Days Tour?

Yes it's possible as long as you go to lots of cultural places and include Epcot in the journey as well!

We left Coconut Springs and headed for the Orlando area and stayed with a lovely friend of ours, Dee and her husband Francis and Dee's son, Zach. We got a tour of downtown Orlando and then the following day, Thursday, we went to Epcot and went to many "countries!"

Here's some pics to tell the tale!
I think Harry took 7 million pictures. But it's a faire night, we are partying here, and I'm off to have a beer. Enjoy the Travel blog!!


Dee showed me her Spirit board for 2014 and I was showing her a meditation technique. A candid shot. I got caught doing Se re sa sa :)

 Ready to go to Epcot!

Look an orb on me!!

 Look!! Harry and I swimming in the deep with the 20.000 Leagues theme!

 Dee and I have been friends for quite awhile.
I'm glad that we had some time to get together and visit and soak each other up.

An agricultural miracle!
A pine tree growing in SAND.....

Just some beautiful vistas there....

For my Vogdis Viking Clan....
A Meade house in Norway :)

Looook!! Storybook Club!

 Harry and Francis found some fun in the Viking store.

Weeeeeeee tiny horns!
It's not the size of yer horn....it's how you use it.....

 And then Zach found a one horn :)
And the guys found big ones :)
 Japan and a beautiful pagoda!
 I loved Germany.
There is German in my blood. Must be why I love beir so much.
I had a Grapefruit beer here that was phenomenal!

 We, ah, snuck in some whiskey :)
We didn't forget the flasks!

In Italy we found a beauteous romantic fountain....

 moochie moochie moochie :)

But lets' not stop there....
Ok, so Dee and Francis got inspired too :)

Then in Japan, Dee wanted me to try on the Kimonos....

We found many that were so beautiful....
It was hard to pick which one we wanted!!

 Zach and Francis look SOOOOOO handsome, don't you think?
I remember when Zach was just a teenager a few years ago....
Even the backs of these Kimonos are gorgeous...
 These are the ones that we ended up buying :)
 We relaxed later on in them. I love these robes. They are posh, comfy and straight from Japan.
Love the top knot Harry!

And den?

The fireworks show. An awesome light display, that is not captured here justly...
Another ORB!

All in all, a lovely, amazing day.

Epcot was awesome. We did more than armchair traveling, we visited, soaked up, ate lots of wondrous foods and were exposed to many cultures.

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