You Reap What You Sow....

Hey Ho friends~

Funny thing about spring....
You wait and wait and wait for it to come in the long winter months....
and then BAM! It's summer!

Harry & I have been picking away at our projects and they are coming along. We've started playing in the earthy goodness of our garden and preparing for planting.

And it got me thinking....I'm relaxing and worrying less about things. I've had a major attitude adjustment with the realization and final acceptance of my secret Super Power.

That's right. I have a Super Power. I've always known it, but like Clark Kent, I've managed to keep it secret from others for a long time. I'm an Empath, have always been and now that I've researched WHY I've felt the ways I have in the past, and have found out so much about it, and how to guard myself, I've come a long ways in a short time.

With the recent death of my good friend, Anne Dougherty, who was my kindred spirit and Tarot reader who shared my Tarot booth with me for years...I've been given a double share of the Super Power that I already had. It seems that I've shed a skin and the Kundalini Power of my Clairsentinence and Clairvoyance has had a huge shot in the arm. (Anne, did you open the vents wider when you were moving on? Thank you.  :)

One of the very nice things about coming to terms with who you are, is that you can settle in to some real Claircognizence and have the "Knowing" wash over you. I get my vibes, as always, and I view and feel them, and then let them exit. Sometimes things are sticky, but then I realize that it's coming to me and the source itself has issues so I take that into consideration.

When I turn my thoughts into a prayer for others, and then let go, I have a better time and enjoy life so much. My spirit rejoices and my thoughts are positive and I feel like dancing!

If I  feel darkness and it's familiar accompanying doubts inching in, and it tries to cling to my shirt sleeve, or get under my skin....and if I let it....I find that the chill it brings to my heart does damage to me. It's almost immediate the icky feeling that comes with that dark selfishness.

It's a reap what you sow sort of thing. I have found that thoughts instantly change and manifest into your body chemistry and experience.

The Dali Lama says that to increase Good Karma you should:
Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.

As an Empath it's important to keep giving. No matter the cost. No matter if it isn't accepted or appreciated. No matter if you feel it goes out into the ether and dissipates. It doesn't. Love and Goodness always trump darkness and evil. No good thing done is ever in vain. We are all here to learn lessons. Some lessons need to be repeated and repeated and repeated until some kernel of hidden truth is revealed and the puzzle is solved. Some people never solve their puzzles. Others go on in the happy epiphany of solving their own personal puzzle and go on to help others solve their puzzles!

Many people are tuning IN to emotions and finding their gifts and usefulness these days! This is a very good thing, especially in this time when mass numbers of people are tuning OUT and living disconnectedly from life and other people. Empaths and people with great sensitivities are needed now more than ever!

Let me ask you a few questions:

*Do you just "Know" things?

*Do you get a sense about what people are telling you even over the miles without being contacted?

*Can you pick up what's under the surface of what someone is telling you even though the conversation doesn't mention it?

*Do you touch people and get unsaid messages?

*Have you ever thought of someone and contacted them and hear that "they needed to talk to you" at that moment?

You may also be an Empath. Learn about it. Research it. Find out how to give your Love effectively and how to protect yourself. The amazing thing about being an Empath and having this Super Power, is that folks with this gift GIVE and don't always think of protecting themselves, for they believe in Love so much (to their credit and to their debit). They really don't think they can be hurt by the Love they give. But that's ok. There is enough to give. Empaths SHOULD give. It is in their makeup. They just have to learn to put their Shields Up. Deflecting False Love is what the shields are for. The one thing that Empaths don't understand is False Love because to an Empath, Love is real and pure and permeable. Love is Love and it has no boundaries and no bottom.

I once had a "duel" with a Wizard. Did I ever tell you this story?

About 20 years ago now...I drove myself to an adventure. I took my Tarot booth to a College Renaissance Festival Day in PA. It was a beautiful day! I set up my booth and started reading cards for patrons. My booth was bright and cheery and light. My readings were aimed to be of service to others and to be a help "for their Greatest & Highest Good". I told folks that the Power that came to me, was from the Universe and I was merely a conduit for it. Know what? I did fantastic! People left my booth happier, lighter, and with hope.

I saw across the quad there was another booth set up to do readings. I waved once, but they didn't respond. It was a dark booth and the two men running it wore dark cloaks and looked like wizards. "To each their own"  I mused and continued to offer my services in my way.

Then a woman came and sat down with me and off hand said-out of the blue- "You are awesome." 

"Thank you, but why do you say this?" I asked.

"You see that booth over there?" She pointed to the dark card reading booth.

"Yes" as I looked where she was pointing.

"I'm working in that booth with those two Warlocks. And I had to get away and come over here. They are driving me crazy. They are pissed at you." She said as she fiddled with her hair.

"Me? Why? I haven't done anything to them." I said.

"Because you are getting all the readings....and they aren't. They feel that you have it all, and they have none. They want to take what you have."

"Wow. Well, it's a free country, and folks can stop here just as easy as there" I said in my defense.

"Yah, well maybe you should go talk to them."

I thanked her and even did HER cards for her before she left to go back to the Dark Ones.

I did very well in business that day so far and so I afforded myself a little break and a walkabout to see what I could see. I walked around and wound up by the Warlocks' booth eventually and kindly introduced myself. Indeed, these fellows, while civil enough, were not a happy sort. I saw their choice of cards and they too, were dark. I chatted with them for a bit and heard them say some odd things like:
"It's all about ME. I'm the One who has the Power. People come to ME for direction. My Power is Given to whom I choose."

(Really? They really thought like that?? I looked at them askance and mused, "Well, THAT'S why you aren't having much luck here. It ain't really about you. You are so full of yerself. What a pompous arse. Your braggadocio is just an illusion cover to how insecure you really are" and I knew full well that they would fall hard in the end)

Well, one of them must've heard my inner voice and said, "I think we should settle this with a duel."

"A duel?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes. You stand there and hold up your hand to receive and then hold up your other hand to send power. I will do the same." And he took a stance like he was in the OK Corral. I swear I could almost hear the jingles of spurs and the sound of a gun getting cocked.

(Alright, I thought, I'll do this.I didn't have anything to prove to them. Hey, I know what I know.) 

I also took up "the stance" to match his. But then I did something a wee bit different than this Dark One..
And I did this automatically, without thinking, as an Empath. I started directing my Power towards the Dark Warlock, by giving with LOVE.
Lots and lots of love.
I sent it out in gobs and gobs to the dismal man to heal him of his selfishness. I just kept sending Golden Love, Love, Love. And when I received what he was sending, I had that hand just mirror back what was sent...and whatever he sent to me, hit my hand and was sent back in the same vein as it was delivered.

What happened?

Well, we were like this for about what seemed 10 minutes or so, until the girl clerk said:
"That's enough you two!!" and it broke the spell and we both just stopped at the same time.

I felt AWESOME!  I actually got a boost and a high from the experience!

The Dark Wizard how'e'ere, all of a sudden, wasn't feeling so well. He had not done what I had done. He had sent his Power out set to HARM. He sent, sent, sent his Power to Control and it bounced right back to him in full measure. He didn't know what to do with the Love that he was receiving! He couldn't find a place to put it in his psyche! The whole experience wore him right out and it was shortly after this that the Dark Ones packed up and pulled out. They did no good for others. The Universe coughed them out. They were not helpful and not necessary to others.They left and were no longer an issue.

Light and Love will always Empower and Build like a rain and good compost.

Darkness and Selfishness will always drain and decay like a life sucking parasite.

As the Dali Lama says: "A loving atmosphere is the foundation for your life. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion"

You reap what you sow.

Sow the seeds of Goodness and Love and reap a harvest that will feed you in your old age. 
Enjoy this day and may you have a plentiful Harvest of Real Love and Goodness all the days of your life!

I like this saying and I share it with you this day for your help and path:



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Unknown said...

MARVELOUS! I am not an empath, but I always felt you are! Thank you for your LOVE and LIGHT!