StoryBook Club follows The Pied Piper of Hamelin!

It was a lovely night last night when our StoryBook Club met at Alissa's home....
She laid out a lovely table and made us feel really welcome!
But wait....
Did you hear that noise?
Was that the sound of rats in the wall?

In the pantry?

In the Living Room?
In the Kitchen?

In the bathroom?

Ratties, ratties EVERYWHERE!

Maybe we should start finding out how to get rid of them? How about calling an Exterminator?
What we need here is a RATTY MINSTREL!

 How about calling THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN?

Evidently, there was....
Once Upon a Time.....
a town called Hamelin with a very big problem.
A rat infestation. Rats were everywhere! So all the townspeople got together and went to their Mayor and asked him to fix their problem. After all, wasn't he eating well because of their taxes??

So the Mayor was considering it, when in walks this stranger who says he can erradicate (erRATicate?) their problem no worries! It will only cost a 100 guilders. The Mayor happily agrees to the price.

The Pied Piper, dressed in his fancy Minstrel Clothes, starts piping a tune. The music draws all the rats and mice to follow him happily out of town. When he gets to the river, the Piper stops and all the vermin jump in and drown! A magickal feat of music for sure! After doing his part of the bargain, the Pied Piper goes on to collect his fee. Well, the Mayor has since changed his mind and no longer wants to "Pay the Piper" (as it were) and renigs on his agreement. Really? Are you sure?
Yah, the Mayor is sure. Now that the rats are gone, the issue is not as important as the money.
The Piper then proceeds to pipe again. Does he bring back the ratties?
He instead, pipes his song and the children of the town are now following him out of the village....
far, far away....and never seen again!

We pondered this German Folk Tale and researched many versions that were out there. Some of the additional information includes the possibilities: Were the Children were lured away by a Pedophile? Or that they were also drowned?  Or maybe it was just a metaphor for Death and maybe that a plague claimed the children? Or maybe the "Children" were just a metaphor for a bunch of townspeople that emmigrated? Did the children go off on "The Children's Crusade in 1212" to the Holy Land to convert people to Christianity? Did the corrupt government sell off the children??

No one knows.
Something to note:
The "Rats" were an element that were actually added to the story many many years after the original too.

And here's the thing. The Pied Piper of Hamelin DID HIS JOB.
He did his part of the bargain.
He only wanted his fair payment.
Why is he always made out to be the bad guy here?

What does this story TEACH US?

There were a couple of other reoccurring themes.....

1) Always keep your Word and Promises!!

2) Don't trust spoiled Government officials.

3) Always get a signed contract instead of a handshake. 
      (this was told to me by a 10 year old after she read the story at my house :)

4) And for God's sake.....Don't Piss off the Minstrel :)

We sure had fun and ate well though!
There were all kinds of decadent delights, (enough to tempt a spoiled Mayor!)

German Potato Salad, Crusty Bread, Fruit, Cookies, Wine Pie and
Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese! (for the ratties :)

Next Month we will turn our sights on....
Till then....
Make sure you PAY THE PIPER!
And if you don't?

Well........hey....just ask the people of Hamelin.....

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