like... peeling an onion


Onion Layers.

So we are being busy as bees over here at Squirrel Haven. Dave Wolff, is helping us as a contractor over here. And thank the Gods we took on this project when we did! Not a moment too soon my lovies!

Today they started doing the roof. While up there they found a very spongey part of the roof under where the pine trees are. Yah, spongey isn't even a good word.

We just dodged a MAJOR bullet. EVIDENTLY, the previous owners just roofed over the last roof and it wasn't in any shape to do so. As a matter of fact...maybe even more than once. In one spot the guys found 5 different layers of roofing tiles.

Anyways, the roof under the shingles this one spot would NOT have made it through another winters' weight. WHO KNEW?

Just check out these pics!

Nice WOOD, huh?'s NOT it is.
It's a big job, but one we are GLAD we are doing now, before it fell in on us! It looked fine on the outside...but definately was NOT fine under the shingles! Dave is doing a great job! And so are his helpers Harry and Joe Tratt.

Thank the Gods we are following our instincts here!

While the guys have been working hard on the outside....and yah, we're gonna have one huge fecking mess to take care of...

I have been continuing the work on our front room.
Got the paint on....and I put up the wallpaper border up today!

It's coming along....

I still have to clean the rug, and get a piece of furniture for the room....the room isn't settled, but we are still living in it while redoing it. It's what ye gotta do.
But hey! "Inch by inch, anything's a cinch."

We are tired... but happy with our efforts over here :)

And Monty's been a big help. :)


MissLorieO said...

Looks fantastic!!

justin lymner said...

Wow! So glad you got it before it got you :)