Remodeling ....patchwork life

Hey Ho~

Just an update.

Our office is "mostly" emptied.
Harry has been doing great, no meltdowns, and has actually been very helpful and has been trying to be organized. Really fabulous. I'm still very proud of him.

But there is disruption in our homelife that's for sure. There is no kitchen table's currently covered with a 3 tower cd collection and odds and ends. There are books in my bedroom, books in the guest room, guitars and uprooted clutter everywhere....we are trying to sort and make sense and still make our living. Business stuff upstairs and down.

I told Harry that the "chi" was stagnant in the office and when we disrupted it from being too "staid" that the energy would flow in a big way and we'd get lots more work. The thought is that the Universe will only send you what you are capable of handling. If you get very efficient, the Universe will send you more...and the quantity will come to you.

Ok, so that is how I "sold the idea" of this remodeling project to "Mr. Business Man Pack Ratty Who Does Not Like Change".  That...and the roof leaks and it needs fixing anyways...

This is true magick....and wonderful... as already I've booked 7 Holiday gigs in the last 2 days :)

This "chi" thing WORKS.

I've ordered wallpaper border for the front room to go over the old grapevine ivy border....
I like it. It's not too obnoxious, but kind of lilting and perfect complementary colors for the rooms I've chosen....
It is fertile, growing, flowing, and progresses round the room....

I've bought paint for both rooms, (a sage green for the front room and a light caramel for the office.)
This should be interesting after living with "cream" colored walls for over 20 years. Harry does not really want me to change the color, but I need a change and I think the wall color will be dreamy and relaxing.

Harry has to fix an electrical outlet...hopefully this will not be a can o' worms....nor dangerous.

I'm de-cobwebbing and spackling.
I bought this kewl spackle that is PINK but when it dries, it dries WHITE so you know it's dry.
My rooms were pink polka dotted there for awhile :)
Yah, I had a lot of artwork, that was a lot of nail holes to spackle!

I'm tired. We are almost ready to start the process of windows, roofs and siding.

I really don't want to do the actual painting (it will be my job...) but I just want to get at it and start seeing the changes and what it will look like when done!

I have floor plans of each room....and I'll be changing around the furniture....which will include side by side desks and shared office machines in between the desks.

There will also be a "reading nook" loveseat with good lighting and a set of bookshelves above it with books on the shelf of "to read" choices at the ready.

"Inch by inch anything's a cinch" says Robert Schuler.

Evidently he never lived with a pack rat, ran 2 businesses out of his home, nor dragged garb and gear in and out and over hill and dale, nor lived in said house while remodeling, all during the season of Harry doing setup technical setup for Screamer's Hollow Haunted Event and still working and doing gigs.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers :)

We are getting along remarkably well and are very happy considering! :)

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justin lymner said...

Wonderful! We are still working on our bedroom since we upgraded to a California king bed... Less room for stuff more room on the bed for us and kitties! :)