Gypsies & Graveyards & Vikings....Oh My!

A day of history, friends and frivolity of the most imaginative kind!

10-13-12 started out at my friend Fox's event "Harvest Folklore and Cemetery Storytelling" at Clay Park.

I have my daughter Shawna home from her residence this weekend and we had lots of silly fun!
We saw Fox and her special goat friend, Darla!

This is the goat blanket that Fox made from fabric scraps from friends all over the world!
There is even some special fabric from me in it. :)

Darla is so pretty! :)

Then we made Corn Dollies together with these Gypsy girls who helped us....
Then it was off on a bus ride with friends and family to go to Morgan Road Cemetery to visit this old graveyard and have a Storytelling by Fox!

I toasted my wee friend Miss Lily Rose on my lap. We are good buds :)

I have not been to a cemetery for YEARS. I am just too sensitive and "pick up messages". How'ere, this cemetery was very quiet and peaceful. My dear friend Anne Dougherty who I have a Tarot booth with, told me to "put out your CLOSED sign" when I go there. I did. I was very happy and I felt fine this time!

Fox and I are truly Gypsies! Friends for a Looooong Time.
Old Souls are We.

Shawna's daddy, Dave even met us to wander the cemetery. He reminded me of all the fun he and I used to have in a cemetery a loooong time ago when he and I were naughty hippy teenagers.
Notice the twinkle in his eyes?

Then it was off to a Viking Party with the Vogdis Clan! We are all great friends and such fun we had on a chilly October evening! Of course, the food, friendship and drinking kept us warm. Just like the furs that we wore!

Shawna makes a good Viking. For tonight her name was Brighetta :)

The fire bathed us all in a warm glow....
it was savage HOT.
Most of the revelers tried on a Viking hat or wore some fur....and the rest of us just had fun and drank! There was SOOO much food and drink!
I told everyone that I was bringing a traditional Viking dish to pass.
"Sheep Testicles in Clotted Cream."

They were kinda wary....

but then they realized Merlyn's word power and gobbled up the "Sveedish Meatballs" in my crockpot!

I'm a Saxon, I'm a Saxon, so are you! So are you!
Let's go kill a Norman, let's go kill a Norman....
Biff bam boo....biff bam boo....

Here is Viking Ilsa (Merlyn :)

Shawna had a beer...

And she wanted to try one shot of delicious meade so silly supped from "The Sword of Drunkeness" with friends Lori and Craig.

and den like Good Viking, she snuggled up by the fire.
Craig wrapped her up in a toasty blanket....
 All in all a VERY full day ....

Full of Gypsies, walking, fun, Vikings and good times.

Night Shawna! :)

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