Week 13 of 52~ "Eat Your Wheaties"

Still with me on our voyage through "52 Small Changes: A Year to a Happier, Healthier You"?

This week's small change is a simple one.... that a lot of you DON'T DO.....


They say that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day"....

It is also said....

"Eat breakfast like a King, eat lunch like a Prince, and eat dinner like a pauper".

I almost always eat breakfast. It is a throwback to my dad's health and maintaining his Type I diabetes. Mom always made sure that he "ate regular meals" for his blood sugar and I know that it has helped me a lot.

You should eat breakfast.
Even if it's just a little something....

Did you know that of people that SKIP BREAKFAST ....
have a 4.5 X greater chance of being OBESE?

I try to stay around 300 calories or so for breaking my fast in the morning.
Yes, I make sure those people around me (especially if they are grumpy and their blood sugar is crashing) have something for breakfast.

It could be:

*2 eggs and a piece of toast.

 *A "bagel thin" with cream cheese and a slice of tomato.

*A 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit

* A twice toasted whole wheat English muffin with some old fashioned peanut butter (the kind you have to stir :)

* A bowl of granola and some almond milk. (I don't do cow's milk anymore...)

*A quick smoothie! In your blender pour some almond milk, a glop of Greek yogurt, a sliced banana, a package of Stevia and a scoop of Green Food (it comes in flavors like chocolate and mixed berry). Blend . put it in your "to go' cup and out the door you go Mmmm!

*Even a slice of leftover cold pizza ROCKS!

But my favorite breakfast, when I have a bit of time, (like 15 minutes) is to cook up some Quaker Old Fashioned steel cut Oatmeal with some sliced apple (add apple to the water when you bring it up to a boil, before you put in the oats....while it's cooking...it "poaches" the apples) , stir for 1 minute, then cover for 10 minutes or so. Then I add some raisins, almonds, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a drizzle of honey.

Add a cup of black coffee or two (I'm allowing myself a couple of morning cups... :)
and you are good to go! It "sticks to your ribs" and it's a meal that you can feel absolutely NO GUILT for.

So, tomorrow....be good to yourself, and have some breakfast!


Mommy Merlyn said. :)


momoffouratfifty said...

Great advice. I've noticed that I skip breakfast at home, then get to work and eat junk. Wish you lived next door!
BTW, what us "Green Food"?

Merlyn Fuller said...

It's a product that you can get at Wegman's or in Health Food stores, by the company "Amazing Green".
It's called "GreenSuperFood" It is a supplement drink powder which helps you attain your 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies with it's addition. It is loaded w/ probiotics and enzmyes for digestion and is alkaline to balance your pH. It costs about $20 for a container of powder (but it contains enough powder to make about 30 drinks!)

I have tried the Lemon-Lime, and the Mixed Berry and added to yogurt, fruit and almond milk either are delicious! The stevia sweetens it up a bit and has no calories nor is it a hard sugar to digest.

I think I will try the Chocolate next :) mmmmmm