Week 11 of 52~ Read the fine print...and stretch yourself

Hey ho~ I'm on Week 11 of the book:

that I am doing with my friend Lorie and a few of you are following along with me.

This week's change is to: "Read the Box" 

That means checking labels for ingredients, fats and content. I do this already. I will try to do it more.

And No, I didn't blog about last week's change: "Take Time to Stretch" mostly because I've been doing Yoga and well, it was a hellacious busy week. Several gigs, 2 of which had major setup, backdrops, costuming, performance and break down time.

But mainly, the real reason I haven't been blogging is I've also got a problem. 

I'm out of whack. You knew that, tho', eh?

I've been without a Chiropractor for a year, since my doctor passed away last year. He basically dropped in the harness as it were, and died of a heart attack at work. It was very sad, but really it was a warrior's death and he was healing others till the very last minute of his life. A good man.


Now I've been floundering without a doctor and a regular adjustment all this time and it's becoming apparent. I am starting to feel and walk like an old lady. Or like a horse that was "rode hard and put up wet." It isn't pretty.

Stretching aside, which is nice in theory...I really need a doctor to put some bones back in place. I got a referral from a friend of mine (Thanks Lynn!!) to her new doctor, not too far away, for this coming Friday. Will have x-rays and see WTF is going on within my achy body.

(It's my right hip and leg...I personally think it is Piriformis Syndrome....which I've had before. The BASTARD.
I sit at my desk at work a lot, and my "throne" chair at home has been killing me. I'm active, but, I'm in PAIN.

I am very much looking forward to my appointment. Until then, I'm doing some modified Yoga and walking the dog as far as I can without hurting myself.

This pose: "Thread the Needle" is the best thing for my current condition of pain. It HELPS.

This pose: "Lying Side Twist" is the 2nd best to make me feel better.

This pose: "Downward Dog" is good for stretching my hamstrings and calf muscles.

This pose: "Cat to Cow" (altho reversed in the picture) FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOD.

(Tip: Exhale completely as you suck in your belly to your spine for the Cat pose...then inhale fully and drop your back and belly for the Cow pose. Do this for several breaths. It's AWESOME.)

The stretching and Yoga is helping.

As does Ibuprofen....

Hot baths.....

Early bed....


Hope you are doing good out there? Thinking of you, which is why I'm writing this. I am hoping that this blog is helping you too, in some small way :)

Oh, and don't forget to take your vitamins.

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bluesy said...

Dr. Rene`e Mooney in Syracuse. She's an alternative Chiropractor, an R.N P.C. She only uses the "Activator." She works for me.