A minstrels' many hats~ Day 3

Actually the hats involved today.....
were mortar boards....
and stovepipe hats to be precise...

Mortar boards. Graduation Day at Wells College. Harry responsible for the sound for the ceremony, as usual for the last 15 years or more.... 
It was a beautiful day with Cayuga Lake sparkling vista providing a wondrous backdrop for the grads.
A funny guest speaker lightened the festivities with humor, plus she directed her message to the audience in advising them that life is made up of events that happen, and to dare to step out and be the first out there! Take chances, enjoy life...stand out. Be someone. Look around and help the world.

And the 2nd portion of the day was spent in Civil War garb...as Erie Canal minstrels singing for the troops at the Civil War re-enactment at the Waterloo Commemorate & Celebrate event at the birthplace of Memorial Day right here in NYS in Waterloo!

We sang "Shady Grove" for Union soldiers under the cover of cool leafy trees in the heat, and we sang love ballads and hymns for polite ladies in their afternoon rest after tea at the encampment. We sang for Confederate soldiers and made our Limber Jack doll dance jolly tunes for them.

We sang drinking songs for boothies who were thirsty and needed a drink.

We sang "Long Black Veil" by request from a Union soldier and made this old crusty bearded man almost cry. He loved it so....

We sang a smattering of songs for a woman who'd been wanting to meet us for ages, and who had "tracked us down" and we sat and sang to her personally for quite awhile. She was beaming.


Harry & I sang for President LINCOLN!!!


We were THERE!

We sang him his very own campaign song! "For Lincoln & Liberty Too!" The character of Abraham Lincoln was STRIKING and VERY adept at his character. He is THE most believable Abe Lincoln look alike that I've ever seen.

And he was indeed FLATTERED and pleased with our efforts at his campaign song!! Dave Duprey, the videographer of the event caught this magical moment on tape and will be sending it to us....to share with YOU soon!!

We were VERY lucky and happy to "meet the President" and sing for him this day.

Mortar boards of learning.....
Stovepipe Hats of honorable icons.

A goodly Merry Mischief day :)

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Mimi Foxmorton said...

"One can ne'er go wrong whilst wearing a hat."
~Hatty Bunratty

(aka-your friend Fox)