Hardboiled Dreams

Mag 112
image: djajakarta

And my Autumn dream said to me,
All will be new in the Spring.

If you grow and learn and be
and evolve in the lessons of the Ring

Eostre and Fertility, being born again new
Redemption, beginnings, break open the shell

The Alien child within me, so childlike and true
A new planet to explore, maybe Heaven, maybe Hell.

A land of my own making
But who am I to say?

A dream is a dream, after all, upon waking
And sunrise brings a very different new day.

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Brian Miller said...

beyond our dreams there is a new day...that closure made me smile...and there are always new places to explore...

Gail said...

I LOVE the last two lines.

Tigerbrite said...

Very deep this. The cycle of death and renewal tied in with The Goddess Eostre and the Easter Egg. Appreciated it, well done.

Sue said...

Great closing lines!