~ Where things go....

Yesterday was my "Put Away" day....
and I think that this is one of my best days yet.

I found that by focusing on just picking up, putting away, things, filing paper,
clearing emotions, saying what needs to be said...putting feelings where they go...

It really helps SO much.

Humans need to pick up after themselves...
not only the clutter...
but word and deed.

It's being responsible.

It clears the way for more love, productivity
and helps you settle what's what, what is,
and what doesn't belong there.

I put away some things yesterday.

I felt like Merlin packing up his house to one little wee satchel...
making the big things smaller...
so that I could take it all with me...
but not so big that I could not carry it myself.

And now today, is my "Self Care" day....

and it follows perfectly.

For now I have room....

for ME.
How are you doing on your Journey?

I'm waiting on the path here for a bit, for us all to meet up and share our
single journeys,
as we ride together :).


Lynnie said...

I've been continuing with the nesting, the connecting, the writing, the ridding. So much.

We have a 3 season room on the front of the house that was unusable this past summer to rest or recline on. It was too full of "stuff".
Likewise our garage was, well, horrifying. Not just from us but two other people used the garage and didn't leave it in good shape.
Our yard was neglected and trashed in so many ways. Despite the daunting nature of it, I rallied the troupes and we did a MASSIVE clear out/clean up.
We formed 3 piles: donate, keep and trash. Everything left the porch and the garage and found its way into one of these piles. I was so impressed with the progress, with what we let go of. With each item went a bit of weight from my shoulders, some emotional baggage and in place of those things came joy and comfort.

I expected the releasing of stuff to be the difficult part, but in truth, it wasn't. I realized that I'm happy to release these items from a place where they went from cherished to neglected to where they can be cherished again. I was comforted to see the guilt for letting it go didn't happen. This is a new thing for me. I filed the memories joyfully and let go.

The hardest part was keeping the guys in it with me. They are truly okay with living in discord as long as I clean around it and cook for them. I can't do it any more and I had to explain that to them. It's been two weeks in the common areas and it's still kept up, with minimal reminders. Slowly it's lining up and it feels wonderful.

I've delved more into my wise craft as well. At points the ideas for my journal have been so plenty they've kept me up at night.
So much so that I am planning a retreat for myself- a 3 day visit to Lily Dale in December and I am looking so very forward to it.

Over a decade ago I was told by several different mediums/readers/intuitives (who did not know each other)that in my mid-30's I would find my comfort, my stride and my success. Mark reminded me of that this past summer. I truly feel that I am building towards that. The new business ideas are picking up and being picked up but I have learned to control it. To enter into them slowly and proceed with caution. It feels good and will give me time to foster them instead of constantly feeling as if I'm running to catch my own beast.

LynnieBee said...

*catches up!* Here I am! Sorry to disappear for a few days, we were in Ohio over the weekend visiting my brother (had a great time!), and I was away from the internet last night, so here I am with a recap of the last few days of the journey :)

The Self Love/Self Care Portion is going very well. Until I started doing this, I had no idea how badly I needed it. Until I stopped to think about it, I had no idea how drained and exhausted and depleted I was. As I've been endeavoring to love myself more, a lot of issues have been bubbling to the surface, it's been difficult, but very cathartic. I already finished one book that I read solely for pleasure, I've been taking long hot showers and several baths, starting and/or finishing my days with hot tea and hot cocoa, going to bed early as often as I can, and tonight my Michael treated me to a lovely full body rubdown and head scritchies/running his fingers through my hair *melt!*

In terms of the artistic goals, last night I attended a two-hour intensive Stage Combat workshop last night, and while most of it was techniques that I already knew, brush-ups are always important and there was new content too. I am ridiculously sore today, another reminder of how ridiculously out of shape I am at the moment, but I'm doing my best to work on that, and I had an AWESOME time!!!

I'm also making plans for my homemade holiday gifts :) Can't wait to get crafty!!!

*love and strength to all my fellow riders*

Diana Baretsky said...

Whew, thanks for holding up so my trusty steed and I can catch up with you! I'd been getting a bit saddle sore, even though my turtle friend takes it slowly. So it was definitely time to take stock. Is this journey taking me in a positive direction, and will I eventually end up where I want to be?
I'm fairly sure my direction is positive, I'm greeting each day with more of a smile than a frown. And, keeping this journal as "general" as possible so as not to bore others with details, I'm spending less and less time on thinking about what I've lost, and more about bright shining plans for the future. Those plans include turning the shed into a clock making workshop for my darlin, and helping our daughter plan her wedding. Those two goals will take much time, effort, and love, and I'm looking forward to them with much anticipation. And here's my latest Dove Dark wisdom "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Word. ;)

Merlyn said...

well, now! That was worth pausing to let everyone catch up, wasn't it? I'm so proud of you all and the energy that you are putting into your journey! I am so grateful and happy to be traveling along with you all. Our trips are the same in some ways in the caring for ourselves (which we all so badly need) and yet different, which is what makes it so interesting! Thanks for sharing. It helps us all bond and feel joined together. Ride on! :)

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

I missed this somehoe---up to my ears in books. You may be puting away, I was taking out--I have books all around my computer desk as I research the real nitty gritty on Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders and Undines. I love books.