Squirrels to Nuts....

Hey Ho...
After a wild week last week (the 11-11-11 energies WERE dumping negativity up to that day, for me and for many others I talked to!) and then the quiet that followed it, I am feeling much better.

Still on the path. Enjoying the view.

Saturday was my "Play Day" and I did just that by playing with Shawna and a couple of board games.

Sunday was my "Plan Day" but I ended up doing a bit more playing with friends at our "Creativity Day" at the space I set aside at the local library. And do you know what happened? More magic! :)
The 7 people who came and brought projects to work on, wanted and needed to be there. I did some mending, then started an appliqued wall hanging from a sketch. The others did various projects: Rug hooking, crocheting, quilting, beading, drawing, making fire starters for gifts for the fire place, computer art...

As I looked around at the assortment of people there, working happily away, chatting, I realized that we all had a commonality. We were all psychically sensitive. Several people were those who did "past life readings", some did tarot, some read people, or some had stories about strange happenings...but we were all there, and some were new to each other. Very kewl.

After we got home, the phone rang and my daughter Shawna, (who has Down's ) said, "That's my dad calling". I said, "really? then go answer it" :)
And it was :)

She's always been great about being empathetic and caring...why wouldn't she be? She is the embodiment of innocence and sensitivity.
Today is my "Put away day" and I have to tell you, that this theme day makes me feel better than any other...including my "Self Care Day". I think it's because the weight of things (mail/filing/to do lists/clutter, etc) is so daunting sometimes that it really makes you feel good to "put things away".
 I also try to get some emotional issue "put away" too.
I called a friend and we talked about things left up in the air.
It's good to get things of all sorts..."put away".
It just feels so much better!

Harry and our friend Nick also "put away" the squirrel problem that has been dogging us for years.
We were even having to turn up the movie louder we were watching in order to cover the noise of their antics!!

The guys climbed ladders and cut down overhanging limbs (read: Squirrel Highway)
and then they searched until they accidentally found out where the wee bastards were getting in!
Under the porch (where it's too narrow to crawl w/o tearing apart the porch)
they found the riddled holes in the house under the siding.

The squirrels have been SO loud, chewing, eating, fucking, running, riding dirt bikes,
fighting, rolling the black walnuts in their bowling tournaments, having orgies, parties...
punk band practice...

it's been HORRID.
 Well, the guys took off the lattice, surrounded the porch underbelly with wire screening, and then replaced the lattice.


It is QUIET.  


Of course, there are some squirrels now seeking a winter home...

And that's VERY OK with ME :)


and I also "put away" a double cheeseburger, some pie and some chocolate. :)

How about you? How are you doing on your Wizard's ride this week?

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