~ Dreamwork

Dreams to me are very important. I love to analyze my own dreams, and also help others to interpret their own.
I've been having some interesting dreams and they always help me try to dicipher my current feelings and situations.

I am a Dream Weaver.

I am a Dream Unraveler.

It's good to dream and to have goals too.

One of the things in my saddlebags, is a pouch with a wish rolled up inside. This wish is to visit Cathedrals in Europe. I would SO love to go to see the temples in Greece,

the Cathedrals in Italy and France...
I do so love the large spaces of worship. The grand portals, the turrets, the vaulted ceilings.
I want to study architecture more. It takes me back to being in my Art History class at college and being enthralled with the sculptures of Chartres

and Notre Dame.

It's all so breathtaking and to think that we, as humans, could sculpt, carve, paint and build these huge precipices and buildings of mortar, stone and stained glass to honor something that is, in the end, ethereal, spiritual and as wispy as the waft of smoke to our senses.

But for right now, though,...
I am here.

Not in Europe.

But it does not mean that I have to put my dream on hold.
I could "bloom where I am planted".

I could still study, adventure and learn and make my dream a reality...

Even if it is smaller in concept, it is large in hope.

Today is my Dream/Learn/Practice Day.

So I have started searching on the magickal web for churches/cathedrals in my area.

It's not that I want to "go" to the church for Mass or services for spiritual reasons of converting or being courted as a new member. I don't. No.

But I may want to visit a church or a religion that I know nothing about.
To experience their form of worship.

To learn about love and God or Goddess in new ways.

I have a list of local churches (based upon my magickal google search and it's images of likely places) and I have a list of numbers to call.
I have contacted a few already to see if and when they are open to the public, for a tour or a visit on off times.

I am going to start on one of my dreams, in this small/big way, but learning HERE and NOW..

I am also going to order some books on Architecture today from my library.

Because, learning about new things, opening up large books of knowledge and visiting with an adventurous heart....is a Wizard's job.

Learning IS Magick.
What are you Dreaming of ....or Learning today?


Lynnie said...

MMMMM...dreams. I love dreams.

For me there are some that need to be dissected, some that are just a good story and some that are meant to be a story. Each style has it's own feel or energy so it's not difficult to discern one from the other.
There are also ones that I know are not actually dreams. If that makes sense. Astral travel? Another life? I don't know but they are not dreams.

I had a much needed and long overdue conversation with one of my best friends. It eased much tension over an emotional web we're caught up in and was such a learning experience. The web is still very much there, but we aren't wrapped in it.

I'm thinking of going back to school to renew my herbalism certification but until I decide, I'm re-reading all of my stuff on it. Part of what I am learning on this journey is what I truly love or have a passion for vs. what I simply enjoy.
Come to find out, that's fairly important to know.

There are actually a couple other things I learned but more personally...
I had an encounter with a creepy man. Not terrifying but not someone I would want to be alone with. It was enough that once I went inside, I locked the door behind me with the idea of keeping him specifically out.
I handled him with my normal diplomacy and friendliness. I was very good at controlling where he went and maintaining distance without inciting him or encouraging him. I thought I did quite well.
As I related the story to Mark, he FLIPPED OUT. I get it. I do. The very protective man that he is came out (he is not jealous at all but his inner warrior comes out when it comes to making sure I am safe and happy). This, I think understandably, upset me. Instead of mulling it over and then coming back to it when I'm calmer, as per usual, I actually calmed myself in that moment and talked with him about it. While I hadn't taken the time to calm down, it also didn't have the time to slip from his mind, so in the end it worked out better.

Also, I've learned over the past couple weeks that while people believe they know situations and comment on them- they don't at all. They hear a small bit, fill in details, judge accordingly and comment at will. I've come to realize I have no tolerance for it. I don't enjoy gossip of this style (sharing what people are up to is one thing, filling in gaps is totally another). The other thing relating to this that I've learned is that while I will tell people I don't want to know, they will keep going, including saying it's what I need to know. I am the judge of that, and only me. I actually cut someone from my life for not hearing me when I said I didn't want this in my life...and I have no regrets about it.

I'm also dreaming of opening my own storefront, one that can house all of my businesses at once. Someday it will happen but until then I am making and will be selling stuff online and at local shops. I think the biggest lesson I've learned in the past year is patience. I used to have none and now I have learned that slow and steady really does win in life.

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

My dreams are about publishing. Happily I have a contract for Identity and the Quartered Circle, a non fiction title I am writing on everyday. I also just got news an essay proposal I made for an anthology on the Sea Witch has also been accepted. What fun!! A couple of the books I just ordered will give me some source material for that. Whooo Hoo!