~ We ride :)

Hey Ho~
My 2nd day today, on my Wizards Duel Plan started at 6:30am.
Up, read, wrote and got a whole shite load of work done before 11am!

It was my "Self Care" day, which started with me being good to myself last night, and getting in my HOT bath and oil following it.
I stuck to my scheduled list of time to do stuff (which seems to be helping me).
Having charted out the week in my MAP....Each day is a different Theme.
I then plan out the day (the night before) with loose time frames for getting certain things done...
so I don't get lost on my path. It can be a very winding path and gnarly going when you are a Gemini.
Things just seem interesting and you can wander off the path so easily.  (Squirrel! :)
Made treats for StoryBook Club, took my doggy for a walk (for me in the sunshine... as much as him :)
Cut a bunch of ratty snarls off Monty Joe...because I wanted to pet him and have him feel better too on our Self Care Day :) Then washed my doggy. He loves his baths too. He'll jump right in the tub for me (cuz a happy doggy is a clean wild man doggy running thru the house crazy man, I swear he LAUGHS after)

and DEN?

I washed my tub for ME for my hot baths later on.

Had a great day, wrote a hard story for my special writing I'm doing....accomplished that. Went to a big meeting for Shawna, then got some lunch and went to work. After work, I met up with a bunch of friends for drinks, dinner and some awesome smart conversations about literature. About ZOMBIES. :)
Had folks come in all the way from Buffalo, Rome and Rochester for our StoryBook group! HUZZAH!

TIRED NOW! (I'm blaming it on the vodka at the party...or maybe the wine... :)

Tomorrow is my "Create Day".

How's your day going?

I have moments of brilliance and yet some of my writing is making me melancholy.
I guess that's the way of the road, eh?
Adventurous...and tiresome from the journey.

Talk to me about your life.

Hugs and nighty night. I'm off to snuggle next to a toasy Harry ...who is already snoring up there.


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