~ Book of Shadows

Today was "Dream/Learn/Practice" Day

I worked on my courses at Grey School of Wizardry, deciding to make one of my assignments on my "Merfolk" class, by doing a research project on "Kelpies", (who seem to be plaguing me at the moment symbolically.....)

I wrote another amazing story from my memories for my "special blog". It took my breath away after I finished it. It was good to do, revealing, heart ripping and somehow, transforming. It's hard reliving this, but I really think that when it's all done, it's a page turner and quite interesting as a story, not to mention, TRUE.

Was melancholy for about 3 hours afterward after the writing purge.

I also advanced my reading on my "Goddesses, Amazons and Heroines" course. Really interesting. From 
the Morrigans, to Amazons to Wonder Woman or Xena the Warrior Princess....

I felt............ Empowered.


I also advanced someone's knowledge of their own self this day. 
Gods and Goddesses Willing.

Played guitar and started learning 2 new MEGA songs:
"Loch Tay Boat Song" (always a FAVORITE of mine)
"Lannigan's Ball".
Hell, I figure if I can learn "Rocky Road to Dublin" I can learn "Lannigan's Ball!"

Oh, and I burned a wish on a cat's grave for someone to just learn their life's lesson.
And soon.
With tears.
On a gibbous waxing moon.
I saged the house.

I feel MUCH better.


You know. 

"Wizard stuff."

Because when it comes down to it:

As well I should.

Also, I changed over Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving on my altar/bookcase at the entryway to Squirrel Haven.

I took a long walk with an old girl friend, and our friendship is made new again.:)

I also cried today.

And prayed.

I "practiced".

It was a good day.

I am feeling advanced in SOUL today..

All in all.....

A good day for "Dream/Learn/Practice".

How was your day?

What did you learn?


Lynnie said...

Today started with a tea/cocoa blend and finishing my work in that cookbook (which is a "Witch's cookbook" that was ridiculously amusing in a scoffy way-I admit). Reading it helped me feel so much more connected to my own craft practice, especially because for me it's a handed down lineage and an innate thing. I don't need the "Llewelyn Bibles" to tell me how I should do things or what I should say. It made me realize that I don't think anyone should. I feel like if they closed those books to open their minds and hearts, they would be lead on the right path for them. I suddenly felt the realization that I truly believe people spend too much time trying to define their faith and deciding their path that they fail to see it's *in* them. I know it's not for me to decide but it's a peaceful place for me to reside all the same. Part of this journey for me is to reconnect with my earthy passions and wise craft, which seems to be working.

I also had a friend stop by with stomach ailments. I gave her some of the mint syrup I made from my garden herbs, and her stomach calmed immediately. She also had some of my mint tea with it to help keep it calm. There is a deep satisfaction knowing that something I created, something I nourished from seed, harvested, prepared and then created with has gone to help someone else. This end feels as good and right as the beginning steps in growing those herbs.

I hostessed henna practice with my girls today, which was full of good conversations and laughter and art. Just as it should be.

In an emergency call, Mark and I went and babysat two little ones of a dear friend of ours. We shared a treat dinner (McDonald's) with the boys (who are 2 and 6). We talked school, silliness, played, rough housed and I was a child again- being the firm adult when I needed to be. It was eye opening to see them respond to love, respect and firmness from me differently than that which their parents give them. I was awash in realizations I'm still sorting out. I love children and do not need/want any more of my own. Sometimes I wonder about that. Today it was a cement conviction- one I have no problem with at all, and I like being so confident about it. We have many who tell us we're young and should have more. Mark and I are both perfectly happy with our one son.

Coming home to Big Bang Theory Night was wonderful. All 3 of us cozy down for several laughs. Then Noah and I bonded some more- over making chocolate-chocolate chip cupcakes with reeses peanut butter cups in them, topped with chocolate peanut butter frosting and a half of a reeses cup. He rarely joins me in the kitchen for anything other than emptying the dishwasher and hanging out talking but tonight he took a hands-on helping approach and...my cup runneth over.
I can't even eat the cupcakes but I know how much my boys will enjoy them and I know how much I loved having Noah in the kitchen making them with me. That means more to me than the cupcakes. If ever a food could be overflowing with love, these are.
That time with my son doing what I love and he enjoys was simply magical.

Things are just...enchanted.

Lynnie said...

Btw, I can not wait to hear your version of Lannigan's Ball as it's a favorite of mine.

And I read the book The 21 Lessons of Merlyn nearly 20 years ago. It's interesting because I remember thinking "ooooh yeah..." at some of the lessons and yet I can't remember any specifically. I wonder if that means they are such a part of my life that I don't remember where they come from or that my old age is getting to me. lol

Merlyn said...

Lynnie, it is so good and right to be on this quest together :) Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it was a great day for you, it sure sounded wonderful too :) I must read the book 21 lessons. I snagged it for the cover, as it seems my life of late is just that. And that's ok :)

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Ah! There are the comments! lol. Took me a minute. I took care of me by going to the Chiropractor and getting my joints back in shape. Much cricking and cracking. Then I too my Merlin out for Mexican food and Merlot. Best Chili Verde ever at La Fiesta Grande in Waterloo. At least I think that is the name of the restaurant. Before all that I got my word count in for the day so I could chill out for the evening.

Diana Baretsky said...

Got a real gift, in re-connecting with people I'd lost touch with long ago. And it was a doubly welcome gift, as my get-up-and-go was nearly non existent. So, even though I wasn't able to get more than a couple things done on my personal honeydo list, I was kept from undue introspection by reaching out to folks who were actually glad to hear from me! I'm not a naturally friendly person, so I'm feeling nearly euphoric over this un-looked for turn of events!