StoryBook Club~ Zombie Zombies Everywhere!

This month's StoryBook Club was held at Phil & Christine's house which was already in full bloom for Halloween! We were greeted by a flying witch at the doorstop. (and no, I didn't get scared and spill my "zombie eyes" nor my "salty bones" but laughed a hearty witchy cackle instead :)

There were about 5 "Virgins" there tonight for their first meeting! Their 1st time at StoryBook! :)

Dinner was GRAND!
Chili (zombie stew), Zombie Eyes (deviled eggs w/ whole olive & pimento), salty bones (biscuits) a graveyard cake (apple crisp) red vampire vodka (cranberry) blood red wine, brain jello, eyes (chocolate) "parts', and a delicious veggie stew (bugs and guts) and "garlic" soup and spaghetti squash with RED marinara sauce among more goodies!

We discussed zombies: Their origins, their behavior, their symbolism that relates to today.

We fear that our culture is breeding Zombies at an alarming rate. What with Second Life, World of War Crack and some video games, not to mention that people rarely know their neighbors next door, and are just feebly going thru the motions of their day to day life, until they get to set down at night to plug into their "REAL LIFE" which is their Second Life game or whatever.

Tis Sad.

They are Zombies and have traded their Creativity and Community for a Sham.
They will go thru their day, motivated minimally, and die having not really LIVED. You can't call virtually living really LIVING. I know a guy....he lives for Second Life.
 Eat, breathes, smells it in his day to day life.
He has made an avatar that has more fun than he does. His avatar is a stripper in a night club. So he "dances" and has his avatar strip in clubs online.
 His avatar has no flaws, a 1000 outfits, and as perfect a being you can make. An ANGEL.. You can make anything come true there. Pity is, in real life, he is no angel, has no money, and has a Narcissist Personality Disorder. So Second Life seems perfect for him, because he doesn't have to BE himself. His girlfriends there all have big tits and money and PAY him to be their friend. In real life, they are women he takes advantage of their good graces....
 In this world, he doesn't have to change, doesn't have to grow, he doesn't have to give to his community, he doesn't have to be creative. He can just click away and be a fake person. Which is the truth. His zombie finger grows longer on the mouse clicking away every day. He talks to other zombies. He has zombie romance.....yes...and virtual zombie sex.

He can have a 1000 girlfriends, who drool for his avatar, and will put up with his personality disorder, because THEY TOO aren't living in the real world. They think he IS all that. Because that world becomes REAL to them.

I wonder what would happen to them if they had a power outage and their internet went down??
They couldn't exist in real life. Oh, they'll hook real time....and have their moments, I'm sure, but he can't carry a relationship for long term. He just doesnn't have the capacity or the evolved personality to be REAL for long. I wonder what would be like if these women knew the REAL him?

Now, isn't that the life YOU want?
Give me a REAL life, with REAL friends and lovers anyday!!

But surely I digress.

The night was spent discussing zombies... NOT being one.

No, this club is FAR from Zombieland.
These are thinking, feeling, doing, creative, happy, well adjusted and well read people who get together to eat, drink, be merry and discuss BOOKS. Stories! Themes! Symbolism!

We take on the world as we know it.

How fucking kewl is THAT?

Here is our table tonight:
 Pretty posh, huh?

Next month, our StoryBook Club celebrates a whole year of fun and research on Stories of all sorts!

We have decided to look into "The Gollum" story.

NOT the LOTR Gollum, but the Jewish Gollum. Just in time for Hannukah :)

Till then, may you live a REAL TIME "Happily Ever After!" :)


Diana Baretsky said...

Your essays are always so interesting, Merlyn. I save them up as treats, and use them to reward myself when I've been a good girl. Sort of a carrot and stick situation. And you are right, its sad when folks prefer to live a life on a computer, rather than savoring reality, even with all the bumps in the road. Zombies indeed. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the legend of the Golem, its a favorite of mine. I'm not Jewish, but there's an old monster flick, called "IT" that features the Golem, and how it was misused by a person who was hungry for power. The movie stars Roddy Mc Dowell (of course), one of my favorite actors. :)

Merlyn said...

Thanks Diana! That's a wonderful compliment! Thinking of my stories as treats and rewards! Well you are doing so great, you just enjoy! There is a lot here to pick from! :)