Merlyn A-Z

  Merlyn A to Z :)

Hey ho my loverlies!

I have been pretty busy and hope you are well and happy....and have a Great Thanksgiving! 

Just a quickie for now, these little survey thingies are fun and I haven't done one in awhile, I stole this from Lynn on her "So I was Thinking" blog.....Enjoy!!!

Age: 51

Bed size:  Queen. Mattress and box spring on the floor by choice. It us better for our backs, lovemaking...and monsters can live under the bed that way :)

Chore I hate: Sorting socks

Dogs: JOE!!  As in "Monty "Old Iron Guts" Joe ,the Wonder Schnoodle of War :)

Essential start to my day: Spooning up behind Harry for snuggles for 5 more minutes....then COFFEE.

Favorite color: to wear? Navy or Turquoise. To live around? Hunter Green and Sangria :)

Gold or silver: Silver silver silver. Silver makes me feel awesome. If I feel "off", I just buy a new bracelet...

Height: short :) But only short on one end

Instruments I play: Voice, 12 string guitar, bodhran, mandolin and autoharp

Job title: Depends on which hat I'm wearing. Musician or Admin Assistant

Kids: 2 wonderful girls. Grown. Happy.

Live: Squirrel Haven

Mother's name: Bernie

Nicknames: Honey :)

Overnight hospital stays: a couple

Pet Peeve: when people add an "r" onto words that don't need it. Like "Idea" becomes "Idear". ack.

Quote from a movie:
"Do you love him Loretta?"
"No ma."
"That's good, cuz when you love them they drive you crazy."
Then later.....
"Do you love him, Loretta?"
"yah mom, I love him awful",
"That's too bad."

Right or left handed: ambidextrous

Siblings: 5

Time I wake up: early bird

Underwear: most days :)

Vegetable I hate: Okra. Well....not okra so much as.... "okra slime".

What makes me run late: Harry :)

X-rays I've had: yes.a bunch over the years...

Yummy food I make: I am a great cook! I can make something out of nothing. But some favorites are: Scalloped potatoes, roasts, 7 layer casserole, eggs Benedict, tuna casserole, enchiladas, lasagna

Zoo animal: Lions and Tigers and Monkeys!

I also have a theory that everyone has a "Nightmare Dinner" .

This would be a dinner that you would have to pass on, (even the no thank you bites) if a friend offered it to you at their house.
Now, I'm not a fussy person at's my "Nightmare Dinner":

Snack: Fritos' corn chips. (they smell like cat's feet. Go ahead. Compare.) and Jax
Drink: Cream Soda
Vegetable: Okra
Carb: Grits (they have no flavor and if you have to doctor something in order to eat it, why bother?)
Main dish: Chicken Fricasee and dumplings. (read: slime and rocks)
Dessert: Green tomato mincemeat pie
Candy: Orange circus peanuts
Alcoholic Beverage: Yukon Jack and Southern Comfort. (never, never, never again)

What's YOUR nightmare dinner?


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

I could quite happily eat your nightmare dinner! Except for the orange circus peanuts which like peeps and twinkies are not real food.

Snack: Pork Rinds--they aren't food either!
Drink: Mountain Dew---any flavor. I'd rather drink sand in a mirage.
Vegetable: Canned peas, tho in a stew they hide convincingly as vegetables.
Carb: greasy limp french fries.
Main dish: liver or any sweetmeats. You aren't getting giblets past these lips.
Dessert: brownie sundaes--too much of everything, lips curling in distaste .
Candy: anything karob masquerading as chocolate. Should be prosecuted as fraud.
Alcoholic Beverage: scotch--cheap or expensive with or without soda, straight up or on the rocks. Nhuh!

LynnieBee said...

Haha, Nightmare Dinner, I LOVE it.....hmmm, let's see:

Snack: mealy old veggies and dip that's been sitting out too long....
Drink: Orange Soda or Mountain Dew
Veggie: Broccoli or Cauliflower (more yuck points if it's been steamed or boiled too long and become mushy)
Carb: Greasy Limp French Fries (good call Dorothy!)or overcooked gummy flavorless rice.
Main: Goulash,Pork Chops,Liver
Dessert:Green Tomato Mincemeat Pie (good call Merlyn!)
Candy: Smarties
Alcoholic Beverage: any beer that tastes like piss or anything super duper sugary sweet...

Lynnie said...

Hmmmm...with my liking of food, nightmare dinners are hard to come by. lol

Snack: BBQ chips. I am soooo picky about bbq and the chips just gross me out.
Drink: Tomato juice/Vegetable juice. I want to like it. I just don't.
Vegetable: Okra for me too.
Carb: If it has "Cream of..." in front of the carb (wheat, barley, rice, etc) I don't want it and won't eat it. I can't eat oatmeal unless it's super doctored up with things that have flavour. It's either sticky or slimy. Bleh.
Main dish: Boiled chicken and veggies. Cardboard tastes better.
Dessert: plain ole chocolate cake- I'm allergic to chocolate but this is rich and boring to me.
Candy: Butterfingers, toffee, taffy
Alcoholic Beverage: red wine (I know this will get me kicked out of the ladies club but even though I'm allergic to it, I actually have never liked it)