Implementation makes a hearty appetite!

Hey Ho~

Today is my "Implement" day.

Which started with a PLAN.
And Harry was ONBOARD. We were supposed to "clean up the clutter" (which of course meant his shite :)
I started the day with lots of coffee and getting set for our away gig on the morrow. A pirates gig, which has costuming, backdrop, and sound system.

Harry started this day with a wake up call and the man DID spring into action....
albeit a bit lethargically...
and he did start working more enthusiastically on the office on threat of me becoming celibate.

All I had to do to entice him was to show him "the girls".
(a morning ritual here at Squirrel Haven :)

That did it and we were off!

After I packed up the costuming, backdrop, props....
I offered to help him sort out some of the piles that make up our shared office.

My desk is way more organized than his....

Personally, call me crazy...
but  I think that his office chair should be utilized as a chair and not a shelving unit...
and for him to work at his desk (with his 2, count 'em, 2 computers)
and for him to get the fuck off my desk (which is uncluttered)
and ...
like that.

Yah, that's me being the "non-directive" type worker...

So, is the evening.

Actually it is NIGHT.

Here is what has transpired this day.

I helped him.
We roused the evil monster that is Harry's office clutter.
It swarmed.
It got bigger before we started firing bullets into it's complicated hide.
I sat in a pile of HIS papers...
making more piles:
Invoices for him,
Invoices TO him,
JUNK....(*my favorite pile :)

At one point...when the swearing sailor in me got to be too much...I actually started filking words to a song on the radio to show my displeasure...

I ran off...(read: I ran away!)
did my errands...spent a shit load of money on groceries for our upcoming party on this coming Sunday.
and for Thanksgiving...

And den?

I read.

I took a hot bubble bath.

I went to a seminar in Geneva for a memoirs writing program. Sonja Livingston who wrote "Ghostbread" gave some great tips this ee'en....and I spoke with her about my writing :)
She was very encouraging!
I came home and Harry was knee deep in setting up our wireless setup for the morrow's gig...and he's still packing the car.


It should be awesome.
We are leaving early. To be pirates. Far, far away.

I am now watching "Julie & Julia" about a lass who is undaunted and blogs daily on a dream.

How art imitates life, eh?

I did a good job today.
I helped.
I worked.
I implemented.
I listened to a woman who, like me, documented her life story.

She IS.


As are YOU.

fucking DO it anyway!
regardless if others don't like it...
think you are crazy...
even you think you are crazy....


And as Julia Child would say:

"Bon Appetit!"


Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Yea! I just finished writing a section in my chapter 8 about The Will. I used the story about how the Web got started. We had the idea and a million excuses about why we could not start it yet (back in the 90's). Zut the palm reader at the Faire was reading for us as I was wondering about how to create the spiritual center. She frowned in puzzlement. The spirits were showing her the Nike Swoosh. Their slogan is "Just do it!" Synchronicity cracks me up.

Diana Baretsky said...

Once again, you are inspiring me to not rest on my laurels (or my butt) and be the mover and shaker in my own life. There's something big that I've been putting off because its huge, dark and scary. My excuses have all been valid ones, there was a mountain of fall chores on my list. WAS. I've done them all, enchanted the little buggers into the cornfield. So its just the last task to be done. I'll let you know how I fare.

Lynnie said...

Yay! Fantastic! Woot! Argh!

For me things have been thrown off a bit because of my "brother", Ted's, visit. I received a FB message from him last a week and a half ago asking what we were doing over the weekend. He was coming up. That's awesome. We see him so rarely and love him so much- it's perfect. He got here and told us that he was staying from that Saturday until this Sunday. SURPRISE!!!
I'm overjoyed as it has been incredible spending time with him and I did get stuff done, some I intended, some not so much.

I'm a big believer in energies. What you put out comes back. I keep my head down and don't get sucked into drama. If I happen to fall into some, I deal with it in a head on, no non-sense way. It did not used to be like this. It used to be quite...bad. I was a pleaser to everyone and got caught in the insanity. I left entire communities for it (pagan, bellydance, etc.). I've decided to balance this out.
I miss the community. I miss some of the people. I have dipped my toes into the waters and am keeping my focus as I do so. A person can be Switzerland. It is working.
It is wonderful!

I will be teaching a childrens pagan class- Kids Craft- once a month. It will incorporate stories, music and activities that will result in them having their own Grimoires/Book of Shadows/Wise Craft Journal.

I had the idea to start an herbal apothecary business when I was harvesting my herbs. I dusted off old recipes from when I used to make all my own bath products and started revamping and making them again. 2 weeks later I have a store that will carry the products and orders already.

In doing this I've reconnected with me and my loves. I've realized what I love to do vs. what I enjoy. I'm so blessed to be a multi-talented person who can figure things out without spending time on classes (not bragging, it's something we've found to be true). My block was always fear of success. That seems to be gone. Perhaps I should figure out how.

It's been a very validating week for me in many ways...and right now John Denver's Garden Song is going through my mind.
My life, my relationships, my world are the garden and I truly am working inch by inch and row by row to make this garden grow. :)