Fun on Absurdity Weekend!

Play weekend!

Yesterday early morning found us driving to Wellsville Library and we were set up, with backdrop, wireless sound system and in garb, as pirates at 10:30am! The kids were great and the library and its theatre were fabulous! Such a wonderful venue! I love teaching with story, costuming and song!
My new backdrop worked out great with a Jolly Roger pinned on it as well.
After loading out, we stopped in at "Texas Hot" (the local famous diner) and then headed home.

Harry has always wanted to stop at the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum, in Hammondsport,
so we stopped on our way back.......
and it was SO worth the stop and we highly recommend it!
Check this out....
This is the bike that won the award for "fastest man in the world" on a V-8 bike in 1907.
Can you believe someone RODE this thing?
138 mph!
in 1907!

It looked like this:
Can you imagine??
138mph on that thing???

Lots of the very first prototypes of planes, bikes, boats, cars, engines.
 They also had a Doll house and miniature display for this month and next.
Very kewl.

We also had a party this day for "Absurdity Day" here at Squirrel Haven with a bunch of grand friends, food, drink, laughter, music and silliness!
Let's see there were": Rum balls, edible penguins,

"Bacon Explosion", (bacon wrapped in pork sausage wrapped in bacon :) WOW...that was awesome! There was: bread boat, cheeseburger pie, bean stew, veggies, chicken riggies, pie, danish, pickles, hummus, brownies..homemade hard cider, wine, beer, rum, seltzer,


It's good to go on adventures, piratical or aeronautical, and to relax totally with friends, food and fantasy.

Here's hoping that you too, had friends around you to play with and enjoy close to your heart!

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