Night Muse


You are my elusive and sporadic friend.

Occasional chirps from a bird outside.

I guess you are sleepless too.

Too dark to fly

Too awake to sleep.

You and I together

In this twillight moment

We are the same

Flightless in our dreams.

Merlyn A-Z

  Merlyn A to Z :)

Hey ho my loverlies!

I have been pretty busy and hope you are well and happy....and have a Great Thanksgiving! 

Just a quickie for now, these little survey thingies are fun and I haven't done one in awhile, I stole this from Lynn on her "So I was Thinking" blog.....Enjoy!!!

Age: 51

Bed size:  Queen. Mattress and box spring on the floor by choice. It us better for our backs, lovemaking...and monsters can live under the bed that way :)

Chore I hate: Sorting socks

Dogs: JOE!!  As in "Monty "Old Iron Guts" Joe ,the Wonder Schnoodle of War :)

Essential start to my day: Spooning up behind Harry for snuggles for 5 more minutes....then COFFEE.

Favorite color: to wear? Navy or Turquoise. To live around? Hunter Green and Sangria :)

Gold or silver: Silver silver silver. Silver makes me feel awesome. If I feel "off", I just buy a new bracelet...

Height: short :) But only short on one end

Instruments I play: Voice, 12 string guitar, bodhran, mandolin and autoharp

Job title: Depends on which hat I'm wearing. Musician or Admin Assistant

Kids: 2 wonderful girls. Grown. Happy.

Live: Squirrel Haven

Mother's name: Bernie

Nicknames: Honey :)

Overnight hospital stays: a couple

Pet Peeve: when people add an "r" onto words that don't need it. Like "Idea" becomes "Idear". ack.

Quote from a movie:
"Do you love him Loretta?"
"No ma."
"That's good, cuz when you love them they drive you crazy."
Then later.....
"Do you love him, Loretta?"
"yah mom, I love him awful",
"That's too bad."

Right or left handed: ambidextrous

Siblings: 5

Time I wake up: early bird

Underwear: most days :)

Vegetable I hate: Okra. Well....not okra so much as.... "okra slime".

What makes me run late: Harry :)

X-rays I've had: yes.a bunch over the years...

Yummy food I make: I am a great cook! I can make something out of nothing. But some favorites are: Scalloped potatoes, roasts, 7 layer casserole, eggs Benedict, tuna casserole, enchiladas, lasagna

Zoo animal: Lions and Tigers and Monkeys!

I also have a theory that everyone has a "Nightmare Dinner" .

This would be a dinner that you would have to pass on, (even the no thank you bites) if a friend offered it to you at their house.
Now, I'm not a fussy person at's my "Nightmare Dinner":

Snack: Fritos' corn chips. (they smell like cat's feet. Go ahead. Compare.) and Jax
Drink: Cream Soda
Vegetable: Okra
Carb: Grits (they have no flavor and if you have to doctor something in order to eat it, why bother?)
Main dish: Chicken Fricasee and dumplings. (read: slime and rocks)
Dessert: Green tomato mincemeat pie
Candy: Orange circus peanuts
Alcoholic Beverage: Yukon Jack and Southern Comfort. (never, never, never again)

What's YOUR nightmare dinner?

Enchantress words: "If life gives you lemons....."..

Good ee'en my dear riders on the wind!

Today was "put away" day....and it started with a friend who stayed over from the night before/s party.
Coffee....and a doggy walk....chats....then off to work. Took Jesse for a consultation for her wisdom teeth.

Yah. They need to go.
So we made the earliest appointment for her....which was....
TOMORROW at 11:15am.
I encouraged her to get it done and out of the way.
"Better out than in" sort of thing.

What I was heartwarmed to find out is that, she wants her mom to take her :)
And so I shall take my "baby" girl of almost 26 to the dentist tomorrow.

She is brave.

And so are YOU.

YOU are also brave.

Being here, living in the moment, being YOURSELF.
We, Enchantresses, here, daring to BE.

I'm proud of you. You who are willing to say who you are....
you who are daring to stand up for yourself....
You who is mad as hell and ain't gonna take it anymore....

I salute you!


"PUT AWAY" your fear...
put away your guilty doubt...
put away your foibles ....

Bring out your strength...
bring out your personality...
bring out your "SALT"-y self.

I'm here holding the lemon and tequila.

Fun on Absurdity Weekend!

Play weekend!

Yesterday early morning found us driving to Wellsville Library and we were set up, with backdrop, wireless sound system and in garb, as pirates at 10:30am! The kids were great and the library and its theatre were fabulous! Such a wonderful venue! I love teaching with story, costuming and song!
My new backdrop worked out great with a Jolly Roger pinned on it as well.
After loading out, we stopped in at "Texas Hot" (the local famous diner) and then headed home.

Harry has always wanted to stop at the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum, in Hammondsport,
so we stopped on our way back.......
and it was SO worth the stop and we highly recommend it!
Check this out....
This is the bike that won the award for "fastest man in the world" on a V-8 bike in 1907.
Can you believe someone RODE this thing?
138 mph!
in 1907!

It looked like this:
Can you imagine??
138mph on that thing???

Lots of the very first prototypes of planes, bikes, boats, cars, engines.
 They also had a Doll house and miniature display for this month and next.
Very kewl.

We also had a party this day for "Absurdity Day" here at Squirrel Haven with a bunch of grand friends, food, drink, laughter, music and silliness!
Let's see there were": Rum balls, edible penguins,

"Bacon Explosion", (bacon wrapped in pork sausage wrapped in bacon :) WOW...that was awesome! There was: bread boat, cheeseburger pie, bean stew, veggies, chicken riggies, pie, danish, pickles, hummus, brownies..homemade hard cider, wine, beer, rum, seltzer,


It's good to go on adventures, piratical or aeronautical, and to relax totally with friends, food and fantasy.

Here's hoping that you too, had friends around you to play with and enjoy close to your heart!

Implementation makes a hearty appetite!

Hey Ho~

Today is my "Implement" day.

Which started with a PLAN.
And Harry was ONBOARD. We were supposed to "clean up the clutter" (which of course meant his shite :)
I started the day with lots of coffee and getting set for our away gig on the morrow. A pirates gig, which has costuming, backdrop, and sound system.

Harry started this day with a wake up call and the man DID spring into action....
albeit a bit lethargically...
and he did start working more enthusiastically on the office on threat of me becoming celibate.

All I had to do to entice him was to show him "the girls".
(a morning ritual here at Squirrel Haven :)

That did it and we were off!

After I packed up the costuming, backdrop, props....
I offered to help him sort out some of the piles that make up our shared office.

My desk is way more organized than his....

Personally, call me crazy...
but  I think that his office chair should be utilized as a chair and not a shelving unit...
and for him to work at his desk (with his 2, count 'em, 2 computers)
and for him to get the fuck off my desk (which is uncluttered)
and ...
like that.

Yah, that's me being the "non-directive" type worker...

So, is the evening.

Actually it is NIGHT.

Here is what has transpired this day.

I helped him.
We roused the evil monster that is Harry's office clutter.
It swarmed.
It got bigger before we started firing bullets into it's complicated hide.
I sat in a pile of HIS papers...
making more piles:
Invoices for him,
Invoices TO him,
JUNK....(*my favorite pile :)

At one point...when the swearing sailor in me got to be too much...I actually started filking words to a song on the radio to show my displeasure...

I ran off...(read: I ran away!)
did my errands...spent a shit load of money on groceries for our upcoming party on this coming Sunday.
and for Thanksgiving...

And den?

I read.

I took a hot bubble bath.

I went to a seminar in Geneva for a memoirs writing program. Sonja Livingston who wrote "Ghostbread" gave some great tips this ee'en....and I spoke with her about my writing :)
She was very encouraging!
I came home and Harry was knee deep in setting up our wireless setup for the morrow's gig...and he's still packing the car.


It should be awesome.
We are leaving early. To be pirates. Far, far away.

I am now watching "Julie & Julia" about a lass who is undaunted and blogs daily on a dream.

How art imitates life, eh?

I did a good job today.
I helped.
I worked.
I implemented.
I listened to a woman who, like me, documented her life story.

She IS.


As are YOU.

fucking DO it anyway!
regardless if others don't like it...
think you are crazy...
even you think you are crazy....


And as Julia Child would say:

"Bon Appetit!"

Self care means different things to different people~

Got a call from my grown up girl, Jesse, yesterday, saying in a very sad voice....

"Mommy, I'm SICK."

Jesse is a no-nonsense kid. She isn't a complainer. She works full time, goes to college full time, and is keeping an apartment with herself and her nice boyfriend. She's TRYING.

She has been sick off and on lately, working at a day insurance...It seems her wisdom teeth have become unbearable. She can't open her mouth. Swelling has gone down her neck into her shoulder. She's in PAIN. Poor kid.

Thankfully, at least I knew what to do next. "I'll call my new dentist and see if they can get you in. They are awesome and really nice." At least that seemed to help her psyche. Sometimes when you are in so much pain, you can't think what to do, who to call, where to turn. At least she turned to mommy. That's always good. :)

My doctor could amazingly get her in on an emergency appointment 2 hours later. They did a full pan of x-rays and an abbreviated exam. They gave her a recommendation, a referral to an oral surgeon and a prescription for a Z-pak for the infection.

She needs to have all 4 of her wisdom teeth out asap. I don't know how she will manage it. But the doctor says, (and i agree) that if she could swing the money for all 4 out at once, and only get knocked out once, that would save her some money, time and pain.  She is almost 26 now.

I had this procedure done when I was 18. Had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out in one sitting. Two of them were impacted. The doctor had to give me "extra sodium pentathol" for the procedure. I don't remember walking out of the office, the elevator, or getting to the car with my mom on one side and the nurse on the other walking me there.
What I DO remember is this: A knight in shining armor with gleaming armor and pennants flying.

Yah. True. My mom was driving me home, and a next door neighbor was riding his horse and mom stopped the car to talk to him for a moment. I didn't see the neighbor on a horse. I saw a KNIGHT on a horse with SHINING armor that hurt my eyes, and pennants flying. Even in a drugged state of post traumatic Arthurian nature called to me.
Drugs are an amazing thing. Some people pay good money for an experience like that. I'm sure my mom did on her insurance bill. I was glad to get the surgery done.
I am so hoping that Jesse can figure out how to swing it. I wish I could do more for her...moral support, transportation and nursing is about all I can give her.

Yesterday was my Self Care day....and while I did some things for me, I actually helped my daughter more. I told her she needs more rest. To eat better. To be more creative. I am hoping she will try to care for herself. It's hard to be a mommy sometimes from a distance.
I put myself on "hold" for so many years...
caring for others...
making things "nice" for everyone.
Now, I encourage myself to do for me, and for you to do for YOU.

I went out with Harry last night to play an open mic for a lark. 
My self care included 2 Gin and Tonics and singing my heart out in a dark bar.
I reminded myself about my love and Mentor Janis Joplin by looking at her pics and story yesterday.
I have some pics that are very similiar.

I am very similiar to her in a lot of ways.
I need to get in touch with my Janis side again.
She was wild, free and unchecked.
Yes, she was a bit whacked.
Yes, she was SO hard on herself.
Yes she could belt out a song.
Yes, few people understood her.
Yes, she walked the edge.
Yes, I wish she could've found the love for herself  that she so easily gave to everyone else.
Yes, she loved too much, and sometimes the wrong people for her.
Yes, I wish she hadn't died.
She was fucking COOL.
She IS still cool to me.

Know what?

And people didn't "get" her.

It was good for me to remember her when I was singing.

And it got me thinking...

I have loved this "Wizard's Blog".
But wizards have been engrained in us as a MALE image.
(Too bad for that, eh??)

So I will give you another image.


For my riders on this quest with me....
WE are wizards of our own worlds....making our way...

but let's give our feminine natures a boost today.

Let's adopt the word, "ENCHANTRESS"

instead of the word,  "Wizard"...(which is male oriented, don't you think?)

instead of the overused word, "Goddess" (so presuming of perfection...and we need to embrace our flaws. Socrates said, "An unexamined life is not worth living"  It's GOOD to see our we can improve ourselves)

So, my DEAR Enchantresses...and Fellow Wizards,
Here below are some ideas I found for giving YOURSELF some pleasure and pampering....
Surely you should do something for YOU today too:
To make some MAGIC for YOU.


Janis did.
She should've used more of these....and less escapism...
maybe we'd still have her today.
I wonder what Janis would be like today....if she hadn't OD'ed....

She should've done more of the following....

Watch clouds
Practice feeling contented
Focus on your breathing
Learn a new skill
Ride a bike
Go on a picnic
watch a favorite show
visit a park or woods
clean your silver
get your hair done
hot bath with oil finish
put a positive word on your water bottle
discard something you don't want
look at the stars
enjoy a candlelit evening
kiss someone
go to the library
enjoy a cup of hot coffee
sauna/hot tub
light some incense
have an adventure day (do something out of your comfort zone/try something NEW)
take a hike
bubble bath
buy yourself some flowers
listen to some favorite music
go on a retreat
have sex
people watch
do something creative
have a movie marathon (Harry Potter/Pirates/Star Wars...)
Swing on swings
get some energy work done
game night with friends
have company over
feed someone
write a love letter to yourself
start a gratitude journal
do a brave thing daily
have a "jammie day"
treat yourself to something
say YES to what you LOVE
make a bucket list
do something off your list
eat whole foods
drink more water
read the comics
call someone you've been meaning to call
schedule a "no schedule" day
go to an art gallery or museum

There are more....I'm sure you could ADD to this list.
Do something for YOU today.


Squirrels to Nuts....

Hey Ho...
After a wild week last week (the 11-11-11 energies WERE dumping negativity up to that day, for me and for many others I talked to!) and then the quiet that followed it, I am feeling much better.

Still on the path. Enjoying the view.

Saturday was my "Play Day" and I did just that by playing with Shawna and a couple of board games.

Sunday was my "Plan Day" but I ended up doing a bit more playing with friends at our "Creativity Day" at the space I set aside at the local library. And do you know what happened? More magic! :)
The 7 people who came and brought projects to work on, wanted and needed to be there. I did some mending, then started an appliqued wall hanging from a sketch. The others did various projects: Rug hooking, crocheting, quilting, beading, drawing, making fire starters for gifts for the fire place, computer art...

As I looked around at the assortment of people there, working happily away, chatting, I realized that we all had a commonality. We were all psychically sensitive. Several people were those who did "past life readings", some did tarot, some read people, or some had stories about strange happenings...but we were all there, and some were new to each other. Very kewl.

After we got home, the phone rang and my daughter Shawna, (who has Down's ) said, "That's my dad calling". I said, "really? then go answer it" :)
And it was :)

She's always been great about being empathetic and caring...why wouldn't she be? She is the embodiment of innocence and sensitivity.
Today is my "Put away day" and I have to tell you, that this theme day makes me feel better than any other...including my "Self Care Day". I think it's because the weight of things (mail/filing/to do lists/clutter, etc) is so daunting sometimes that it really makes you feel good to "put things away".
 I also try to get some emotional issue "put away" too.
I called a friend and we talked about things left up in the air.
It's good to get things of all sorts..."put away".
It just feels so much better!

Harry and our friend Nick also "put away" the squirrel problem that has been dogging us for years.
We were even having to turn up the movie louder we were watching in order to cover the noise of their antics!!

The guys climbed ladders and cut down overhanging limbs (read: Squirrel Highway)
and then they searched until they accidentally found out where the wee bastards were getting in!
Under the porch (where it's too narrow to crawl w/o tearing apart the porch)
they found the riddled holes in the house under the siding.

The squirrels have been SO loud, chewing, eating, fucking, running, riding dirt bikes,
fighting, rolling the black walnuts in their bowling tournaments, having orgies, parties...
punk band practice...

it's been HORRID.
 Well, the guys took off the lattice, surrounded the porch underbelly with wire screening, and then replaced the lattice.


It is QUIET.  


Of course, there are some squirrels now seeking a winter home...

And that's VERY OK with ME :)


and I also "put away" a double cheeseburger, some pie and some chocolate. :)

How about you? How are you doing on your Wizard's ride this week?

~ Spellwork

My day yesterday began by waking up with dreams...
Dreams that I analyzed and acted on.

They told me to "clear" and to "cleanse" the toxicity of my emotions. I got the numbers 6 and 1....
and in looking it up with "The Oracle" (read: Google :)
It  told me:

Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. Six naturally reveals solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner. We invoke the Six when we need delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. The spiritual meaning of number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically "lighting" our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance. Sixes beckon us to administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation.

 One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind.

It was also a day of NUMBERS yesterday with the 11/11/11 date.

So I looked up an exercise (spell) that I could do to cleanse my heart and do something of importance on this important day of numbers that my dreams inferred that I should do.

I took Monty on a walk to our nearby Skaneateles Creek where there is a wee waterfall. I also brought with me a clean empty bottle and cork, some lemon balm and sage leaves from my garden and my time piece (my cell phone).

I got to the rushing water just at the precise moment of 11:11am. I dipped my bottle into the rushing bubbling cold local waters, and while praying to my God(s) and Goddess(s), I prayed for Divine Guidance, Divine Timing, Healing, Cleansing, Love and Forgiveness of self and to give others. I pushed in the balm leaves into the narrow neck of the bottle for a healing balm. I added 6 (from my dream) sage leaves for wisdom, and I looked down and there was a most perfect golden maple leaf that had fallen on this specific day and I added that. "The water to wash away, the balm to heal, the sage for wisdom to help myself and others, the leaf for today, the cork for catching and holding the earth's goodness and to contain the blessings of this day."

I capped the bottle and finished my prayer with releasing tears, while Monty waded in the water and lapped up the fresh stream water. The rain that had been sputtering and falling on us, stopped at that very moment that the cork went into the bottle tightly.. I imagined that I could feel people all over the world at that precise moment praying their prayers of hope for the world too.

It's good to be at one with the Universe....

If only for a magickal shared moment of humanity..

It's good to release tears for yourself and others.

It's the first step on the path of Healing.

I walked Monty back home and I put the bottle on my altar. It sits upon the shelf and I know that I am being healed. I take the forgiveness of the Gods and I pass it on to others. The healing waters are mine.
We all need healing from time to time.

I spent the rest of the day, being kind to myself. A day of rest and pleasure.

And the feeling that I got, was that the Gods said it was GOOD.

I hope your world is a better place today for you being in it.

The thoughts that I am thinking after this is:

"We are not good.

We are not evil.

We just.....


So, Go ahead! Give your special personality, your dreams, your support to the world around you.
For that IS your flavor that you offer to the world.
The "Salt" that makes the world taste good.

Today I will make a spell for healing.

It will be a jar filled with green and silver and white things (gems/paper/sparkles)
I will burn a candle and shake the jar 9 times (accomplishment and inventiveness) and then tie it round with a green healing ribbon. I will shake it from time to time to spread the good and healing thoughts through to my psyche. Instead of being all shook up with bad thoughts, I will shake in some good ones. For me. And for YOU :)

Harm none, do what you will.
Love and Hugs to you and yours on this day.

Bright Blessings from your friend ....

who listens to the wind....

and follows her heart....

who makes it up as she goes..........

~ Uneasy Rider

Dear Fellow Riders~

I had a fall off my magickal steed yesterday.

It stumbled and I was tossed from the saddle into a prickerbush of thorns.

Thorns of mine own pricked consciousness.

I weeped.
I bled.
I dragged myself back to a safe place.
I lived.

For I did stumble upon the strong energies of this day... this magickal day.


It was like I stumbled over an invisible body on the road.

I did.

It was ME.

All my foibles, worries, pain, past wrongs, and fears were laying there for me to trip on.

I needed to dispel some negative energies and my horse could not bear them AND me together.

Today is my "Implement Day".

I am taking this day to quiet myself, to heal, to rest.

I give you this blessing of a video link below, that I did find, which helped me and may help you.

Sharing this video ~Divine Miracles...a 22 minute pep talk from the Angels, for 11-11-11 and for YOU.
Today I will be doing quiet spells of healing, and of opening myself to enlightenment.

I am resting here for now, putting balm leaves on my wounds,
wrapping my soul in an bindings of love....
and I am letting my horse (who is very weary) graze unmolested and unfettered.

May this day be good to you.

I hope to see you on the path down the road....

~ Dreamwork

Dreams to me are very important. I love to analyze my own dreams, and also help others to interpret their own.
I've been having some interesting dreams and they always help me try to dicipher my current feelings and situations.

I am a Dream Weaver.

I am a Dream Unraveler.

It's good to dream and to have goals too.

One of the things in my saddlebags, is a pouch with a wish rolled up inside. This wish is to visit Cathedrals in Europe. I would SO love to go to see the temples in Greece,

the Cathedrals in Italy and France...
I do so love the large spaces of worship. The grand portals, the turrets, the vaulted ceilings.
I want to study architecture more. It takes me back to being in my Art History class at college and being enthralled with the sculptures of Chartres

and Notre Dame.

It's all so breathtaking and to think that we, as humans, could sculpt, carve, paint and build these huge precipices and buildings of mortar, stone and stained glass to honor something that is, in the end, ethereal, spiritual and as wispy as the waft of smoke to our senses.

But for right now, though,...
I am here.

Not in Europe.

But it does not mean that I have to put my dream on hold.
I could "bloom where I am planted".

I could still study, adventure and learn and make my dream a reality...

Even if it is smaller in concept, it is large in hope.

Today is my Dream/Learn/Practice Day.

So I have started searching on the magickal web for churches/cathedrals in my area.

It's not that I want to "go" to the church for Mass or services for spiritual reasons of converting or being courted as a new member. I don't. No.

But I may want to visit a church or a religion that I know nothing about.
To experience their form of worship.

To learn about love and God or Goddess in new ways.

I have a list of local churches (based upon my magickal google search and it's images of likely places) and I have a list of numbers to call.
I have contacted a few already to see if and when they are open to the public, for a tour or a visit on off times.

I am going to start on one of my dreams, in this small/big way, but learning HERE and NOW..

I am also going to order some books on Architecture today from my library.

Because, learning about new things, opening up large books of knowledge and visiting with an adventurous a Wizard's job.

Learning IS Magick.
What are you Dreaming of ....or Learning today?

~ Manifest your Creativity

I am so happy to say that this Wizard's Journey Quest is working in such a positive manner for several of us on this trip!
Hearing from you all, makes my ride so much more comfortable, knowing that you are there, and that I am here for you as well.

Yesterday was my "Self Care" Day. I started by looking back on my path this year on where I've been, how far I've traveled already.
The first of the year found me with high blood pressure, dim and poor eyesight and heavier on the scale than I am now.

So I took stock.

Since February, I have had 2 eye surgeries which corrected my vision to 20/20 without cataracts!
I can see without spectacles now!
This has been "more than just the eyesight gain". Indeed, my "Sight" has improved in a lot of ways too.
I am seeing myself and others thru different eyes in other ways as well.

I've worked on my weight and lost about 23 pounds! Evidently, I was carrying more baggage than I needed :)

I went off the pill and am operating on my own steam and trying to regulate my body back to ME.
I am celebrating being me and finding out who I am now without it. I have been crying off and on this month, due to hormones and emotional pain, but I am that person.
My blood pressure this morning was 89/64! I am less pressurized. I am dealing with stress better.

I had a tooth give me problems in August, so since then I had a root canal, and had the tooth patched. Hopefully it will hang in there with me for the duration. I want to keep it. If I loose it eventually, I will cross that "bridge" if necessary. Teeth are (in Louise Hay's opinion) a symbol of Decisions.
Root canals are, in their base form, a "core change in root belief". Indeed, my life has had some ups and downs that I have pondered. I also, spent time and money on myself getting a new fabulous doctor dentist, and have had my teeth super duper cleaned, and had two fillings done. I am now done with my dental work and can just keep up my quarter annual cleanings. I am being more decisive.

I am turning into a Crone.
An older wise sage of a woman.
And it's ok.
Oh, sure, I'd like to not have grey hair (so I don't :).
I'd love for my hair to grow like it did when I was pregnant. (but I'll not make that trade :)
I'd like to have less wrinkles (but they are from smiling and laughing so that's awesome).
I wished I had the body I want (but who does?)
I'd like to cry less (and I think the hormones have a lot to do with I'm just letting it flow when it comes.)
I'm digging up fears and childhood memories in a special blog, and while it is painful, it is healing too. I am loving my inner child and comforting her by telling her story. (she is the sweetest, funny little thing).
I am looking in the mirror daily and saying: "I love you. I will protect and take care of you." (Wizards throughout the ages have often gazed into pools or ponds conjuring in this way :)

So I will just try to accept the ME that I am,
and know that she IS wonderful, and try to take care of her.

I have spent my life caring for others.
I put myself... on a shelf.

But it's my turn now.

Yesterday, I went happily to my dentist and she finished my last filling, I gave myself a mani/pedi, enjoyed a HOT bath, a delicious dinner, some wine with great relish. I took care of tasks that made me feel and operate better. I wore something attractive to work. I walked straighter and taller and felt good in my skin. I go to bed early if I want. I read. I walked my doggy in the sunshine. I praised myself for doing all that I do.

I finished 3 banners for the Merry Mischief music stand (one for Erie Canal/country music/general gigs and one that is a red tartan which will work as Pirates/Scottish/Christmas and a red, white and blue one which will work for our Civil War/Memorial day gigs.) It felt pretty damn good to make 3 functional pieces with our name emblazoned on them, from an idea, to a finished product.

To Create.

And that is my Quest for this day.

To Create.

It is a day of Creation.
"This is the day the Gods have made. Let us rejoice and give praise in it".

We can be a God or Goddess of Creation.
Of our own creation.

Today will be filled with music, friends, stories, and I will start a project just for the sake of art and my enjoyment in creating it.

I am also letting you know that I am hosting a "Creativity Circle" at the Jordan Library, Mechanic St. Jordan on this coming Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm.
I have created an "Opportunity" for others to be creative.
A place and a time for creation, friendship and focus on our talents.
If you would like to come, bring your project (sewing/scrapbooking/journaling/photo albums/Holiday cards or gifts, etc) and a snack to share. There are tables there that you can set up for your own space to monopolize, spread out on, engulf with your creativity and inspiration! There will be a CD player and music on and a time to chat. Gossip. Dish. Support. Encourage. Brainstorm. Inspire.

A time to BE.

What are you creating in your world today?

~ Where things go....

Yesterday was my "Put Away" day....
and I think that this is one of my best days yet.

I found that by focusing on just picking up, putting away, things, filing paper,
clearing emotions, saying what needs to be said...putting feelings where they go...

It really helps SO much.

Humans need to pick up after themselves...
not only the clutter...
but word and deed.

It's being responsible.

It clears the way for more love, productivity
and helps you settle what's what, what is,
and what doesn't belong there.

I put away some things yesterday.

I felt like Merlin packing up his house to one little wee satchel...
making the big things smaller...
so that I could take it all with me...
but not so big that I could not carry it myself.

And now today, is my "Self Care" day....

and it follows perfectly.

For now I have room....

for ME.
How are you doing on your Journey?

I'm waiting on the path here for a bit, for us all to meet up and share our
single journeys,
as we ride together :).

The winding path of faith.

Well, my compatriots, yesterday was a interesting day on my journey...
 I set off in the saddle riding with my mate to visit a local chapel, as he had been called in to listen to the sound system there and trouble shoot it. The best way, of course, is to see how they use it in action.

As I said before, one of my quests and interests lay in Cathedrals and a Wizard, I do enjoy learning and growing and the customs and cultures of others.

When we walked in, the ushers greeted us immediately, and asked to show us to our seats (the church is not big)...
and one asked Harry, "Which side would you like to sit on?"
To which he smart ass replied: "The Bride's side".
Which I thought was funny, but sort of stumped the usher.
Then of course, Merlyn, being the walking encyclopedia of useless information, proceeds to say, "That would be the LEFT side".
The usher looked at me incredulously. I said, "In days of olde, most men were trained to sword fight with their right arm/hand. The scabbard is worn on the left so he can pull it from the right. The groom would be able to pull his sword and fight with his right hand, while holding tight to and defending his Bride with his left hand."

"Oh". she said.

Ok, so I was gonna try to make it fun. It was a long shot this morning with that cause. Now, know you, I've been to LOTS of services in my day. All kinds. It matters not. But this morning, was the most tedious, joyless, going thru the motions service I think I'd ever been too.


The kids sermon was over their heads, and the lady pointing out how to find the passage they were looking up together, couldn't find the book of 1st Peter in the Bible she had, because: "This is not my Bible, I'm not familiar with hers". (??!! They are laid out all the same, lady!) OY.

The pastor started to read from the New Testament for one of the gospels, and one of the congregation ladies interrupted the pastor to tell the congregation to find the passage: "It's in the Bible".
(???!! WOW. Why didn't I think of that?)

The mother behind me let her baby kick the seat and talk instead of using the "crying room". I hate that. While it's great you take your kids with sensitive of other people. No one wants to adore your baby when the time is for personal meditation. Be respectful.

The service ran long, and they hadn't done the Offering yet, and it was also "Communion Sunday" the pastor thought it best to just "combine the two" and "when you are coming up for Communion, you can put your offering in the plate by the altar." (I, ah, thought this was a free salvation...usually the Offering is done at the beginning of the service and not bumped up into the Communion. I felt it was crass. Harry was thinking of going up for Communion, but not after that. No way. Didn't want to commune with that.)

They didn't sing the Doxology (one of my favorites) but skipped it for time's sake.

The sermon was about tithing...and the pastor informed the congregation that her "commitment this year would be "close"...but not so, because the Church doesn't know all the things I do." (she is paid by the Church. If you want people to an example...)

The gift of the Church ladies was to "send blankets" to a third world country because they need them." How'ere, the blankets they were sending were gray, scratchy army blankets with the Church logo on them. Good grief. Send them soft, plush velour ones for God's sake. And lose the emblem. If it's a gift of the spirit, it's the thought that counts. Not advertising. Ugh. 

The closing hymn, was "This little light of mine" an old FUN spiritual...was hopeful to Harry & I to actually have fun to sing with something before we left.  (we did enjoy "Sing with all the Saints in Glory" and that was good)...but the last song...this little light.... resembled NOTHING about the song in tempo or melody...except the words. Who changed THAT? And WHY??? It certainly didn't improve the song.

Needless to say, after giving up my free hour for this service, of which I felt deprived of ANY spiritual input..and of which it ran LONG....I realized that my services that I do at the UU are so much more fun, giving, and touching. 
So I guess I did get something out of it after all. I did enjoy the space, the candles, the organ music, the smell of everyone's mingled perfume and the vibes of all the anticipation. Harry & I enjoy singing, and we were complimented on our lending our voices to the hymns. There were several people who reached out to us as newbies there, with a smile and a handshake and that was nice. But...that was the extent of the good parts.

I didn't say a word. I got to the car, shut the door and before I could say anything, Harry spoke it precisely for me: "That was the worst church service I have ever gone to in my whole life."

At least he was able to listen to their wireless mic and check their sound system out to help them to be heard a bit better. For what it's worth. I admire their faith and their mission, but I think they missed the point.

So we traveled homeward having had the wide world in front of our eyes.

I planned my week ahead for my Wizards Journey this week.
There is much to do.
There are problems to fix.
There is magick to work.
There is joy to be found in the mundane.
I made a plan for each day of the week and what to try to accomplish.
I will then just take each day as it comes, with the sun, and do my best.
There is a saying in my bathroom (filled with quotes and pictures) that says:

"Keep on keeping on. It takes faith. It take courage. It takes integrity."

We had company over of my good friends Lori and Chris and Nick.
We cooked, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we spoke of cabbages and kings,
we communed with each other.
We felt feelings, we cried, we hugged and we loved.

And that was the best Church of all for me.