~ Saddling Up

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. " ~Winston Churchill

 To my dear Wizard Travelers......It is time that we saddled up.

How did you do yesterday with planning your personal journey?

I see that several of you posted on yesterdays entry, and I am glad that you have a plan.

My plan, being the Gemini that I am, takes me willy nilly most days.

I shall plan out my days of the week with certain days for certain things to keep me focused.

Sundays -Plan (look at my direction/progress/heading for week ahead/schedule)

Mondays-  Put away (filing, letting go, reclaiming space)

Tuesdays- Self Care (make something good happen for ME)

Wednesdays- Create (daily, but extra time on Wednesdays)

Thursdays- Dream (projects/ideas/loves)

Fridays- Implement (make it happen, mail out, connect with others)

Saturdays- Play (enjoy the moments you have made)

I may alter this as I go, but for now, to cover all my upcoming ideas, projects and journey plans, this is going to be the way I will have to organize myself in a world of chaos, that which is... Squirrel Haven.

I do like order anyways.

So I am saddling up, as well as you. 
I have set a course for myself.

We have not really begun the journey, but have set our plans to others, and have linked arm in arm like a troupe of adventurous travelers, excited about the trip!

Have you ever saddled a horse? 
I have. Lots of times.
There are many parts to put on, the horse to consider, and you have to nudge the air out of it's lungs a bit to tighten down the saddle strap tightly. 


Here we go....



What are you going to say goodbye to, in order to make time for this journey?

We need to analyze our time and energy wasters and be strong and say adieu so that we may set forth with no regrets.

What are your time and energy wasters?

Post when you know.

You can wean off or say anon, or even go cold turkey. 

But they can't go with us in the amounts that they are holding us back now.

There just isn't room in the saddlebag for shite.

Our horse shall make enough of that along the way :)


Lynnie said...

TV is one of my biggest time wasters, as is the internet. This is something I started a week or two ago where I turn it off. I used to use it as noise, but then I'd get sucked in. I don't anymore. I'm comfortable in the quiet where I never was before and so I don't need the noise. In turning off the noise all the distraction went away and I don't miss it. I realize how banal most of it was anyway.

I still enjoy the net but in smaller snippits.

And I'm amazed at how much I get done!

Two days ago I started to get up earlier. I'm a languisher. I LOVE waking up slowly and just hanging in bed reading or checking Twitter. I still do, I just do it earlier now. Again with the much done!

I've also decided to clean things out. I have lots of "things" that I simply don't need/want/use. They need to go.

I'm also cutting loose some people. They are as much baggage that drags me down and take up my time and energy. I simply can't do it anymore and more importantly, I don't want to. I wish them well, but I wish them well without me.

So there we are with the cutting loose. Some easier than others but all doable and necessary.

Diana Baretsky said...

The shite in my saddlebag, the time and energy wasters, the roadblocks on my journey, are mostly emotions. So many hours, days, weeks, months wasted. Going over and over all the good times in a friendship and wondering how it could go so wrong. The guilt, self blame, confusion, and finally a sense of crushing betrayal. Those are the things that need to be chucked out of the saddlebag.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I am going to do absolutel NAUGHT ......and see what happens.......... :)

Dorothy L. Abrams said...

Ah! to write 50,000 words in a month we need an average of about 1700 a day. That is really doable on my current schedule. I simply need to stay off FaceBook between noon and 5 pm.

Merlyn said...

A post from Lynn to my email to post for her:

"Again, feel free to post this on the blog, sorry for the extra step...

No room for these in my saddlebag:
-Self Doubt
-the phrase "I don't have time to____"
-Lack of Willpower
-Lack of motivation
-the phrase"I'm too tired to____"
-the phrase "I hate how I look"
-the phrase"I don't know where to start"

Merlyn said...

Lynnie, I feel your pain. While I don't watch TV here (since 1998) we do watch movies and the internet is my big time bandit. I will be addressing that too. Also, I AM an early riser, but find that I write, do emails, surf and then all of a sudden it's 11am! I've wasted a lot of good hours! So yes, you are on the right track!

Diana....your story and mine are also similiar. But do not fret. It's GOOD to be a giver. It is GOOD to love and help and trust. The bullshit and sin may be on them, and you can now LET GO.

Mimi will be our "control subject" :) To measure without the prescribed treatment. It's good to have a scientific approach to this magick :)

Dorothy...1700 words a day is NO problem for you!! Or me....just let it rip lovey and we'll all stand back!! :)

Lynn, you are SO right honey! You will be a great cheerleader leading us on the path for Positive Self Talk!

HUZZAH for you ALL! LOVING YOU!!!!!!!!

desdemona75 said...

a little delayed in my response... as I did something towards my step last evening/yesterday. I turned off my computer early and spent some quiet time with my little-man and then sat and did nothing.... well, sort of. I stayed off the games last night and tried to catch up on a few things I had been putting off. If I can continue to stay off the computer, I will have much more time for the other things I so want to do!