Simple Pleasures 7

It's good to give thanks even on a day that sucked a rat's ass.

I am up at an ungodly hour. For pain meds.

Today I am thankful for:

1) Advil

2) Bravery and Fortitude of my own Spirit

3) I picked up Shawna today after work to come home with me. I told her about the oral surgery today. She held my hand, spontaneously, as I drove and she said outloud, "God, make mom's toof all better. Amen."

4) I turned down her bed for her and am heartwarmed to see that she still sleeps with Barney. But my big girl has an addition of also sleeping with a Night sleep shade for her eyes. Yah. Cool, huh? Barney and a nightshade. :)

5) I am grateful for antibiotics and a great doggy, Monty Joe to take a short nap with before I went to work today.

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