Yin Yang Yo Yo

Well, the "snow blindness" and "white outs" of my uber dilated eye has gone, replacing it with SIGHT.
It's not perfect yet, but it's coming! My surgical left Pirate eye can now see as good as my other eye and is clearer (the other one still has a cataract).

This brings up an interesting dilemna.

My glasses are now too weird for me to wear. Why? Because the prescription in the left lens is Hulk-Amazing strong and way too over powering for the now "fixed eye".

So take them off right?

Yah, but neither eye is good enough to see great yet without enhancement of some sort.

take out the lens in the left side of the glasses.

Did that. WHOA. That is TRIPPY. Having one super powered right eye against the unaided left eye is like, um, nauseatingly weird. Like wearing 3-D glasses around all day w/o the color.

Went to the recheck today and all is going well, The doctor is pleased with the progress. I asked him if I could just wear a contact in my right eye for now until the next surgery fixes that eye. He said, "that's probably the best solution. You are/were SO nearsighted that this is going to be a
bit hard till the next surgery is done." But I tell you what....wearing the right contact is PERFECT for now. And it's just mind blowing for me to be able to see out of a previously worthless eye!
Ok, so it was thru the fixed eye, but HEY! That's amazing!!!

Who was the first person who volunteered for this kind of surgery, I ask you?
Who was the first brave doctor who figured it all out?

Ok, so I'm a bit unbalanced right now. Two steps forward....one step back.

I can SEE in a blind eye. I still need help with the other one.

But it doesn't stop there. The Gods are now playing with me and Harry.

Eyesight better in one eye/ surgery scheduled for 2nd surgery...and now I have Harry's head cold. (ugh)

Have worked on the new CD, but all work has stopped while we both are sick.

My head gasket fix on my Suburu is done (YAY!) but now the rear bearings are going.

Harry's van is available but now he needs a tie rod and 2 new tires.

And I love this part: I have the best eye doctor on the planet. He is informative, sensitive, happy go lucky, brilliant surgeon. He even let Harry look through the eye magnifying equipment at my now good eye and let him compare it to my right eye with the cataract. (BTW, he didn't say "euw" he said, "wow" )

Harry and the doctor got talking and chatting about work and of course, OPTICS, (what with Harry working as a stage hand and knowing Fresnel lamps and lights and all) and damned if they don't know some of the same people and stage hands! Dr. Safran is also an artist and a photographer. A true renaissance man!
When talking to him about music and such, and when talking of our Pirate shows, my pirate eye and stripey socks and all, Coincidently, the doctor also told us that his friend or family member is gonna get married and they are having a pirate wedding and they have asked him to play accordian for it.

My doctor is playing accordian at a Pirate Wedding.

I have a Pirate Eye Doctor :)
Is that the coolest thing or what??

SO I guess the Gods are having fun.....as usual.

I am meant to STAY HOME (i.e. no ride) so that I can get better.

I have found a way to see, in a somewhat balanced manner, even though my sight is terribly unbalanced.

Even tho' Harry and I are miserable with head colds, it does feel nice to snuggle.

Even tho' gigs are sparse right now, what with the economy sucking hard, the Gods forsaw these vehicle problems and surgery and we don't have to worry about canceling gigs or working sick either.

And just when all looks dark.....
a cataract is removed and I realize that the light thru yonder window is WHITE!!
Not cream colored.

And just when I'm about to feel sorry for myself, because I don't feel good, am recovering and am miserable and broke from all this car repair, eye repair and all....

a friend sends me this parody she wrote for me:

Satire for Merlyn
by Christine Mason:
(In case it's unclear, the tune is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)
                        Merlyn, the Red-Eyed Minstrel
                        Had a fuzzy pirate eye
                        And she could never focus
                        No matter how hard she'd try
                        All of the other minstrels
                        Used to drive for her at night
                        They wished that they could fix it
                        And give to Merlyn perfect sight
                        Then one foggy springtime morn
                        At the break of day
                        Harry grumped and fussed and whined
                        But he got her to the Doc on time
                        Now there is one eye happy
                        With just one other eye to go
                        And Merlyn, the Red-Eyed Minstrel
                        Will see all of us at the show!

How wonderful  is THAT???

As I said......
A Yin Yang Yo Yo Day......

Your very unbalanced but staying upright for now Minstrel


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Hang in there! *love and hugs*