Grey School of Wizardry

Good Morrow to my dear readers!

I have recently embarked on a QUEST.
A quest for knowledge. Oh, I've really always loved school and learning, and the smell of books (especially those that are paperbacks that you used to get in elementary school) sends me into a delirium of delight :)

I have found a very interesting and deep Online school for knowledge. Now, know you, I also am the point person for a credit free online learning school at the college I work for. I have taken online classes and they are great, especially for people with crazy schedules who are self motivated.

But after going through the courses there, I still wanted MORE.

Mayhaps GRIMOIRE :)

As I have stated before, I am eclectic when I come to my spiritual practices which encompass being baptized Catholic (I am now a Recovering Catholic :) and have visited many faiths, learning, absorbing, growing.

As it is possible to do, as the Universe IS a big place and there is SOOOO Much to learn!

I am probably best described as a "Christian-Earthen/Pagan-Spiritual-Hedonistic-Psychic"

Yah, that is probably about right. I pray to ALL the Gods and Goddesses.

Yes, I Love Jesus, his goodly philosophies and all that he (but not necessarily what his followers) represents..
I Love Mary and Mary Magdelene.

I Love Zeus and also Pan, God of Music and Mischief :)

I adore the sensual Goddess Aphrodite,

And Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles is one of my favorites

 I admire and revere Lakshmi and Pele...among others.

 There is something to be learned and gleaned from all of them.

I pray openly with my loved ones, when there is grief, sickness or trials and when there are major trips or decisions to be made. I end most blessings with an Amen and a Blessed Be :) can't hurt. :)


I have found an amazing place for a weird searcher like me to be happy learning for a very long time. I wanted to share it with you ;)

It's the "Grey School of Wizardry". An online learning facility, with ethics, moral standards and TONS of information from Art, Magic, Literature, Science and Philosophy!
I have signed up and paid my tuition and have already started taking classes and I am impressed!

For those of you who are Harry Potter fans, it's a lot like "Hogwarts"

and was set up to be sort of similiar to make learning fun for kids interested in that. It's also for adults and the site is deep enough to really be interesting for the intrepid adventurer!

It was set up by famous Pagan writer and sculptor, Oberon Zell Ravenheart.
(remind you of anyone?)

You can study "Jedi Wizards" to Pathagorean math principles! You can learn about Herbology and Potions (Hermione's major :) to CPR to Reiki. You can learn about Mythical beasts to Folklore. It's all here.

I intend to look around, learn and let you know how it goes. I'm very excited to find a place like this!
While I have been to many circles and shops and clubs, in person, real time...and I have my magical friends too...I LOVE learning and there are all sorts of ways to do just that.

So, in signing out I will leave you with one of the ever changing "Wizardly Quotes of the Day" here:

“Wizards do not meet by chance.” -- Ursula K. LeGuin

If you are interested, surf to:   Grey School of Wizardry

and may your day be filled with Magickal Learning too! :)
Here is their Logo:
Which makes perfect sense :)

The Ankh for "Eternity"
The Pentacle for The Elements
and the Caduceus for Healing and Learning.

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LynnieBee said...

I am so excited for you!!! As soon as I have some extra money I'm going to sign up for some classes too!!!