Committments Update Week 7

Well, we are now into week 7 for me on my ideas of tackling some of my goals/objectives for my life design ideas.

Let's take a look at how I'm doing, shall we?

Well, I'm doing really good in some areas, and I really suck in some areas (oh, I much can be said with THAT statement :)

Daily Goals:

Sentence a Day Journal:
YES and NO. Went really, really well until my laptop power cord died. To be honest, the problem with this one is that I forget at night, when I'm supposed to do this task. I get tired, sit down to watch a video (we don't watch TV) and pretty soon, with my feet up on Harry, while I'm laying on the demon couch, I find that I'm making snuffling noises and figure I should go to bed. As I write this, I think that maybe the best bet is for me is to write in the morning, when I enjoy writing...and do this task as a beginning of the day thing, instead of the end of the day thing. I will try that.

Walk Monty:
(Merlyn sheepishly hangs her head) Well, um...NO. There have been no sidewalks to walk on, and it's too dangerous to walk on the road. I do play with my Joe dog every day and love him...and he's getting plenty of exercise...but Merlyn? NO. I tell you what. I will start walking when the weather gets better, and I will get a walking buddy (Debbi you game?) and I will tackle this then. UNTIL THEN....I will substitute a 3X a week Yoga tape. (hey, it's better than nothing..and considering I'm a slug...this actually may work :) I'm marking my chart with this.

Sort/Organize some area (big or small).
A resounding YES! I have been helping Harry tackle our office, and while it is not done...he did receive Kudos from our friends who came to open mic for the improvement in the office. I also totally cleaned our bedroom on Monday, sheets, oiled furniture, vac'd, mopped...and did a overhaul to the upstairs bathroom on Wednesday this week. I also have put up and taken down all the holiday stuff in this interim (that's a major bit of work as you all know) and stuffed it all back in the attic to sleep another year. (see Chiropractor appt. goal objective accomplished on Monday as well :)

Organize Writings/Books:
YES. I have sorted out all my "Minstrel Musings" and did an index for the "Poxy Poetry". Need to put "Life's Leavings" and "Piratical Pizzle" in order so that I may do some proofing on my laptop on the upcoming trip. This is a big job...
Plus I have been blogging...which makes me happy.

Weekly Goals:

Haiku Monday:
YES! I love this one and am doing good with it.
Here's the one for this week (it was also my Fairy Tale Book Club kick off night :)
"Riding Hoods are sweet
Wolves think them delectable 
Huntsmen have new plans"

Post Commitments updates:  
NO. I haven't done this for a couple of weeks. Am filling you in now. Probably should do it more often, but with my other writings I don't want people to think I'm "pelting" them with blogs...

Spa Night: 
YES. I have been overall doing a great job of this. Altho, the whole manicure/pedicure thing is hard to do. I just don't think of it if I don't have polish on my fingernails. The polish on my toesies is pretty and lasts a long time. The hot bubble baths and all over oil skin treatments are a blessing and the Lemon Mint facials are a real treat. 

Monthly Goals: 

Go to the Chiropractor:  
YES! I was a mess this month and was glad that I made the appointment last month for now. Felt better when I left, but Joanne the LMT there said that she thought I needed to have ice asap when I got home, and suggested a massage before I left for the long drive to Florida. I had made a previous appointment for next month with another LMT, but she offered a complimentary massage to me, as a friend gift, as she didn't want to see me in pain on this upcoming long drive. I never had a massage from her before.
It was wonderful!

Fairy Tale Book Club:  
YES! Had our first major get together this last Monday! About 10 of us got together to discuss "Little Red Riding Hood" and all the sexual and political connotations therein. What a wonderful bunch of smart, savvy, bawdy, fun people to do this with! Many delights were eaten and many stories told!! We also discussed "The Snow Queen" as she made sure the first two meetings of ours (where she was NOT on the agenda to discuss) were canceled due to weather. It was a BLIZZARD those nights when she was not to be discussed. The night we put her on the table, the weather was PERFECT. A co-incidence? We think NOT. 
Our next meeting is planned for round robin at Besty's house, when we will discuss "Baba Yaga".. Betsy has chickens. Co-incidence? We think NOT :)

Make a Date with a Friend:  
YES! I took Joanne out to lunch before the massage as a thank you :) It was a lovely time which we both looked forward to as the high point of both our days!

Creative Circle: 
YES! I booked the Jordan Community Room for this coming Sunday. All interested friends are welcome to bring a project and snack and get some fun stuff done.

Song- Brush up or Learn New:  
YES! I started figuring out "The Skye Boat Song" yesterday. I just adore The Corries version and will try to keep plugging away on this new song. On the roster is also, "Paddle Me Own Canoe" and "Lord of the Dance." Not all at once, but lets see how the Skye Boat Song will be interrupted with the upcoming 2 week vacation down hopefully I can keep working on it before and after....

Tri-Monthly Goal:

Get a Massage:  

YES! Today! Hurray!! Thanks Joanne! I highly recommend her!! I am sore and I didn't know all the painful spots I had until she worked on them. I am always surprised by that....I have to drink a LOT of water the rest of today...have much toxins to flush out....and good riddance.

Am trying to pay more attention to what I eat too. More fruit & veggies. Less coffee and crap. (read: Thank the GODS that the Christmas goodies are done!!)

So that's it for me. I'm trying. (or as Harry says, "I'm very trying" :)

I encourage you to pick up the book "The Happiness Project" and get to work designing your life too :)
Hey, it can't hurt....and it might even help. :)