Docking 2016

Ahoy mateys!

Well, 2016 was a good year, a hard year, a blessed year, a tumultuous year.
There was loss...there was gain
There was joy ...there was pain.
Starting to sound almost like the song "Season in the Sun" doesn't it?

While the news and media look like shite...
Let us not look back with darkness nor ahead with storms brewing.
Remember, that "shite sells" in the commercial world.

If we want a different way...
And if we are the creators of our own destiny, then we must manifest the goodness and expect the best!
In other words, we must Believe it... to See it.

You are worth it.

I have experienced much inner growth this year.

Did you know that the earth is 98.5% water?
Did you also know that we are, as human beings, also the same 98.5% water?

Think of it like this:

I feel like deep water some days.

Other days I just enjoy the ripples.

Once in awhile I make a big splash! 

I know the freeze cold and sharp....

And the droplet of the misty brow,

The glisten of a steamy body.  

The gloom of a cloudy day

The parched tongue of drought

The hopeful dew of a sunny morning in May.

These things are all of worth.

They make you feel ALIVE.

And that my dear is the greatest gift of all.

You are HERE.



Make 2017 the year of BEING PRESENT.

Go with the flow of YOU and be one with the Universe. Great things happen!