The "Wing & a Prayer Tour"

Hey ho Mischievites, friends and family!

Well, it's been quite a wild ride.
We've named this trip "The Wing & a Prayer Tour" and it's aptly named!!

From our first blog of telling you about our beginning trip complications of having our car having engine in....there IS now NO ENGINE in our car....

To a miracle happening and thankfully borrowing Elaine's car and getting safely out of Central New York just as a winter storm came in suddenly....

We got to S.C. to see our dear friends Kristin, Jeff and the kiddos!
YAY! Relief in the form of friendly faces, hugs and food and wine! Thank you so much!
 What a lovely family and one that we care for deeply!

 We sure relished a glass or two of wine about the time we got there! There were a lot of crazy drivers and some crappy weather to drive thru! Thanks to the Izzo family for such a lovely, yet quick stayover and we were back on the road at 7am next morning!

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. There was some "weather" on the way down, as you can see....
Elaine, your car is fine (and now is washed!) but people down south were giving us dirty looks, (even tho' we'd only been on the road 1 day) so Harry & Jeff washed it! Great car and the mileage is 35 mpg!

 This is the dried on salt and sand from the storm. All gone now, but man, Harry did great traveling thru it all in a car that he really didn't know well!

We got in to Cape Coral Florida to stay with Dre & Max Rousseau and Jay and Abby (The Harper & The Minstrel) in our annual "Musician Infestation" at Dre's house....
but just in time and out of the car in time for Tornado watches, and torrential downpours!
The faire DID open yesterday, but it was very saturated with water, and there was so much mud. But Rennies being Rennies, we truly all did "muck in" and we STILL managed to get crowds and have a good day.
It was a little rough.
Here's pics from opening day:

Can you see our stage????

So, when life gives you make lemonade.
And when faire gives you sing a lot of Sailing Songs!
We still had a lot of fun tho and made a lot of people happy.

 And then last night this this link

We got dressed for a faire work day and we went, but after last night's 2nd terrible storm, the faire was cancelled. There was such damage from the storm on top of another storm....

This is what faire looks like today when we went in for morning meeting:

 Gods Bless the Vendors!

 Where the water is here is usually just grass....

Abby and I are sort kinda in ren much as necessary for the morning meeting on a day that the faire cancels anyways...
We are making the best of it.
Hey, at least we are together! <3
 An Orb on me!
 Me with my stage behind me.
This is usually called "The Tavern Stage"
Now it is "The Moat Stage" or "The Swamp Stage"
(no, no bodice for me...going home soon back to Cape Coral for a boon day off....)
Come on...You gotta just have a sense of humor about shit like this.
Here's my stage!

Come on...

At least the sun is coming out!

Thank you to everyone who donated to Heather Jenson's GoFundMe page for us to help with our engine repair back home Hopefully all will be well one of these days. :)

At least we are alive, happy and with friends in a borrowed car. Signing off from sunny wet Florida for now!

Hugs from Merlyn & Harry
Your Wandering Minstrels

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Linda Nestor said...

At least you managed to deflect the curse of BOREDOM!